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Brave Heart Workshops provides event management and unique concierge services. They will work as your personal event planner for both online and destination events for any event, retreat, workshop, or conference you’d like to host or attend. We specialize in planning and hosting unique events, meet-up groups, or “getaways” to destinations worldwide from start to finish. We will look after the most important aspects of planning your event, and ensure your event is professionally organized, and executed flawlessly. Brave Heart Workshops is dedicated to fulfilling their client’s vision throughout the event experience. What events or destinations are on your “Bucket List? Let’s make that dream a reality now!

common Pain Points
to Event & Travel Planning

Are these some of the pain points and challenges that are preventing you from leading your own event?

  • Dislike task of registration, paperwork, & follow-up phone calls
  • Overwhelmed with current client schedules & time constraints to plan
  • Not set-up with website with registration page or link to collect money, or money to set this up
  • No time to collect & record the money from registrants
  • Negotiation skills aren’t superior & unfamiliar with hotel jargon, various retreat centers, tour groups, and hotel venues
  • Unfamiliar with Audio visual needs, room set-ups and right sizing meeting space
  • Unaware how to hire a chef, prepare the meals and organizing everyone’s specific meal plans for vegans, vegetarians, & gluten and dairy free food plans
  • Unsure how to keep everything organized at event. If I lead the retreat, I can’t trouble-shoot problems that may arise

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Challenges in
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Founder, Event Planner, Retreat Leader, Transformational Coach, Live Podcast Host, International Bestselling Author, Speaker, & Wellness Partner,

Meet Jill

Jill Reynolds is a Certified Meeting and Event Specialist who formerly was the Director of Sales and General Manger at Select Hotels for five years. She specializes in planning events that cultivate long-lasting relationships with clients and entrepreneurs who desire to host their own retreats, workshops, or events. With 37 years of outside networking and consultative expertise in media, logistics, technology and hospitality, Jill helps leaders streamline and execute their events. Utilizing her signature needs assessment approach, helps her better understand a client’s business and challenges when creating an influential event.

What Are People Saying?


Jill Reynolds attended a class that I taught during the 2010 fall semester at Elgin Community College on Meeting/Event Planning. I found her to have a great deal of experience in marketing/sales. It became quite evident during class discussions, that she has also been successful in planning community events. She is a personable, high integrity, and energetic person. I believe she is an asset to any event planning firm, catering company, or hotel, for a sales or event planning position.
LaVerne E. Mathews
Chief Experience Officer at L.V. Edwards & Associates

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