In many ways, Chicago has everything you could want from a great international city—beautiful buildings, amazing food and entertainment, and a history of contributing to art, culture, and technology on a global scale. There are so many things that make Chicago a great city. Chicago has magnificent architecture and the greatest skyline. Chicago has Lake Michigan with its numerous beaches and parks. Chicago is a fantastic city with an extraordinarily rich history and a diverse culture, and I would recommend it as a destination for anyone wanting to visit the U.S.
The food is amazing: Chicago is the home of deep-dish style pizza and Italian beef sandwiches. We have also elevated the hot dog to an art form. There are more than 25 sun-soaked beaches surrounding Lake Michigan, perfect for anybody wanting to have a splash with their families and indulge in water sports. Chicago has a rich musical heritage, with musicians as diverse as Benny Goodman and Kanye West originating here. That heritage is still felt, with over 200 music venues covering everything from folk-rock to blues, as well as the abundance of talented street performers making an early mark on the music world.
Shopping in Chicago is simply magnificent! Literally there are shopping highlights right along the Magnificent Mile, with over 460 premiere stores to cater for every taste. We cannot forget to mention that Chicago has a vibrant art scene and world-class museum. Explore the public parks and multicultural neighborhoods and support the iconic sports teams.

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