Colorado has been an amazingly popular vacation destination for decades and the most obvious reason to visit is their mountains, especially the Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by the rolling hills and rocky crests, Colorado’s finest formations allow visitors to enjoy activities such as hiking, skiing, fishing, and horseback riding. Wildlife sightings in Colorado can be thrilling. The state boasts 24.5 million acres of forested landscape and some animal sightings include:
Elk Moose, Bears, Llamas, and Horses.
Colorado has some of the most varied landscapes in the world. Visitors can marvel at red rock formations, prairie grasslands, serene lakes, and forests, plenty of wildflowers, some of the highest sand dunes in North America, as well as some beautiful towns throughout. Not only is Colorado the perfect spot for those who love the great outdoors, but it is also home to thriving urban cities and heaps of western heritage. With so much to see and do, it is a state that can be enjoyed all year round.

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