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Find Hope. Health. Healing. Connect with God, Self, and others.

Brave Heart Workshops Events, Retreats, Workshops, and Getaway Experiences are created for transformation and change to enhance connection with God, self and others.  We live in a world filled with so much busyness that it instills loneliness and little time or space for ourselves to explore connection with self and others. Brave Heart Workshops events focus on empowering individuals in Hope. Health. & Healing. Through connection with God, self, and others in life, being more vulnerable to  share in story, amazing transformation will arise. Attendees will be Restored. Renewed and Reconnected.

 Live well. Laugh Often. and Love Much and your life will be amazing.
De-stress your mind and body through life-changing events, retreats, workshops and getaway experiences.  . What’s on your Bucket List? Offering online, and global events, retreats, workshops, and experiences to meet your needs with a variety of topics on Connection, Couples, Intimacy, Marriage, Women’s, Men’s, Co-Ed, 12-Step, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Drama Therapy, and Creativity Retreats. Rejuvenate your mind and body. Become centered to promote peace from within and a return to your well-being. Quiet your mind, escape everyday craziness, and lean into different experiences. The relationships built between attendees. their peers, and the leaders, is an essential aspect of the event experience. Exploring your feelings about “self” and your mind & bodies at each event are life changing.
The Brave Heart Workshop leaders have a passion for holistic health and wellness, and desire to share their passions for adventure, nature, and self-care practices with those attending these life-changing events. Brave Heart Workshops selects leaders that are trained and experienced in various areas of expertise.

Event Highlights

Brave Heart Workshops events, retreats, workshops & getaway experiences offer leadership & connection experiences that equips you to be fully present and at peace with yourself in Body and Mind. Cultivate transforming personal growth, insight, self-love, and wellness.
These intimate events, retreat/workshops are experiences for wellness seekers who are looking to heal, get tools to create healthier relationships, connect with others, and enjoy spending time in nature. Create deep transformation, change and connection! All events are at awesome, nourishing and inspiring retreat centers with scenic views.
Do you desire balance, tranquility and wellness in your life?
Discover Freedom From Life’s Burdens with a Retreat or Workshop Focused On You!
We keep our event attendance at a minimum of 10-18 people to enhance more connection with “self”, attendees, and leaders.

Our Events Include These Offerings:
•Connection with God, Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices to calm your soul and deepen your spirituality
•Intimate venue’s for growth individually and as a group with like-minded people to build community
•Self-study, and individual space to connect with “Self”, presenting platforms of transformation in body, mind & spirit
•Excursions to unique points of interest, shopping and dining out
•Relaxing wellness and growth events that create unforgettable experiences

Upcoming Events

Hope. Health.& Healing.
Live Conference
Branson, MO
or Virtually Online

Join us in Branson, MO, at a 3-Day Men & Women Conference and surround yourself with connection to God, nature, and splendor in the Ozarks …

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Daily Virtual Events

Virtual Online Event Creating HOPE.HEALTH.HEALING.

Embrace the Truth that You are Loved and You Matter   

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Restore. Renew. Reconnect.
Live. Laugh. Love.