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“Plans are nothing; planning is everything” -Albert Einstein

An Asset for your Event & Passion for Wellness

Jill Reynolds attended a class that I taught during the 2010 fall semester at Elgin Community College on Meeting/Event Planning. I found her to have a great deal of experience in marketing/sales and, it became quite evident during class discussions that she has also been successful in planning community events in her area. She is a personable, high integrity, and energetic person. I believe she would be an asset to any event planning firm, catering company, or hotel for a sales or event planning position. LaVerne E. Mathews Chief Experience Officer at L.V. Edwards & Associates
LaVerne E. Mathews
Chief Experience Officer at L.V. Edwards & Associates 2010
I have had the pleasure of working with Jill in multiple occasions via neighborhood initiatives. We have planned block parties, progressive dinners, etc... for 150+ people. She shows wonderful organizational skills. Is very pro-active in retaining a response from others and displays leadership skills at the actual events. I would recommend her as an event planner in a heartbeat. Krista Stiefel Senior Manager at Allstate
Krista Stiefel
Senior Manager at Allstate 2011
I had the opportunity to do business with Jill when she worked with Cargo, Inc. and I was with the Chicago Blackhawks. She is a person of high integrity who worked tirelessly to make sure I was a satisfied customer. She paid great attention to detail and made sure our projects were completed on time. She was easy to work with, always made time to listen to our needs and was ready with recommendations on the best way to service our account. I would highly recommend the use of her services and expertise. Jim D
Jim DeMaria
Vice President of Development for Ronald McDonald House Charities 2011
Jill worked for me from 1983 till 1994 in sales and was one of my top producers in the company winning numerous sales awards. Through her efforts the company secured business with numerous companies which included The Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Hard Rock Cafes, Harpo Studios, just to name a few. Jill also established a program where she went through old customer lists and went out and resold our services to these accounts. Jill was recognized and received "Top Vendor of the Year Awards" for Outstanding Customer Service from several of these accounts. Jill is a very dedicated hard working individual and would be an asset to any organization that she worked for. Richard White Owner, Horizon Logistics/DBA SEKO Logistics
Richard White
Owner, Horizon Logistics/DBA SEKO Logistics 2010
Brave Heart Workshops. Jill kept encouraging me to attend a weekend retreat. I had some trepidation, not fully knowing what it was about. In addition, I was not in a place where I had enough money to go. Jill provided me a partial scholarship that allowed me to go. The weekend was such a breakthrough - truly Life Changing! For all ages - I am in my 50’s, and my healing journey catapulted onto an entirely new & powerful path. Colleen O
Colleen O
Benefits Administrator
In a short amount of time Jill was able to set up the office, train front desk staff to give effective site tours, learn the systems and grew the Group segment by 28% and the Preferred Transient by12%. Diligent, detail oriented and persistence are qualities she exemplifies. Great with customers and follow-through.
Peggy Feller
Reg. Dir. Sales & Marketing at Hostmark Hospitality Group 2012
Last July, I had the pleasure of attending one of the Brave Heart Workshop retreats held in Nashville, Tennessee. The organizer was Jill Reynolds. The facilitator was Dr. Laura Wood. It was a great experience. I got to experience Drama Therapy. It was an unforgettable experience, truly. Not only did I get a chance to visit Nashville, the city of music, but also, and more importantly, I got to experience Drama Therapy and heal my childhood traumas. Jill was super responsible and caring. She helped to arrange hotels, flights, transportation, meals and took us to concerts. She had an eye to discover talents. Because Dr. Wood was one of the most intuitive and skilled therapists as I discovered over the course of the weekend. The healing work was transformative and fun at the same time. The combination of performance and healing really made it much less intimidating and more spontaneous. I truly enjoyed the workshop and recommends it to anyone who has an interest in personal healing or psychology in general.
Ada W
From China an exchange Student with Masters Degree in Therapy
A Business Partner going the extra mile. Since our first meeting I have become a big fan of Jill and recognize her as a superior business partner. Yes the products and functionality she sold us where good but Jill herself was the reason we did business with her firm. Jill listened to our needs and limitations, interviewed our user base to gain perspective (her idea), provided data and ideas in preparation of the ROI for the business case, and personally organized and was on hand for the deployment. Throughout the lifecycle of the service she remained involved, ensured our account was serviced, resolved billing issues, and at one point identified refinance opportunities that reduced our costs. When Jill arrived for a meeting I was always impressed by how well prepared she was and in reflection, although she worked for someone else, she had become a member of my team and I believed she worked in the best interest of us the customer. It is always a pleasure to have Jill in our office. Ken Plat Chief Technology Officer
Ken Platt
Chief Technology Officer 2009
Jill is a passionate advocate of mental health and wellness. She has years of experience in event planning and has decided to use her skills towards creating her own boutique company, Brave Hearts Workshops. As a clinician I love doing workshops and retreats, but do not enjoy doing the planning outside of the clinical content. This is where Jill’s skills set is so unbelievably valuable. Partnering will Brave Hearts allows me to do what I love and do best and allows Jill to do the same. If you have a strong following but need support with event site planning, food, etc. I recommend partnering with Brave Hearts. Dr. Laura Wood
Dr. Laura Wood
Assistant Professor at Lesley University & Drama Therapist
Freeing…..I have attended two Brave Heart Workshops — an incredible experience both times. Jill has so much experience with different modalities of personal wellness, which makes her retreats so successful. I have personally enjoyed the drama therapy workshop weekends- which have brought much clarity and freedom to my own journey. Jill has a heart and a passion for wellness in body, mind, and spirit, coupled with the skills to make these workshops run efficiently. She balances therapeutic story and body-work with time and space for effective rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. Lonnie S
Lonnie S
Wellness Coach/Story Leader
When Jill first encouraged me to attend a Brave Heart retreat my automatic response was that of anxiety and the belief this concept was not in the parameters of my comfort zone. As I witnessed Jill‘s passion and anticipation of the upcoming retreat and more information was presented I reconsidered. Maybe that is what I must do- step outside the parameters of my comfort zone. I began to feel that was exactly what I needed to do in order to pursue a different avenue of healing trauma - one I hadn’t explored before- drama therapy. The idea of getting up in front of a group of people and working through my issues was frightening at first. Immediately there was a camaraderie with the other women. I felt completely safe and comfortable to share parts of my story. I was so moved with the kindness, compassion, and support that my inhibition dissipated being in such accepting environment. I had a sense of belonging and felt a freedom to open up in ways I have never imagined before. The atmosphere was so comfortable relaxed and welcoming. I felt such a privilege to have Dr. Laura Wood as facilitator. Both Dr. Wood and Jill are gifted communicators with extraordinary level of compassion and intuitive caring that provided me a process to move toward healing while also feeling safe. That experience was profound for me. The next year there was no hesitation to sign up. I was excited about continuing unraveling the the layers of trauma. Being at the retreat enabled me to take my health and wellness to a higher level and equip me to empower myself to make some powerful changes in my life. I totally endorse the professional and integrity of Jill Reynolds. With her depth of concern and care for others wellness she brings a high level of experience to succeed in the event she plans.
Karen Z
Women's Connection Group
Brave Heart Workshops showed up at such a crucial time in my life and made an incredible impact I will never forget. Jill puts together a wonderful program. I cannot say enough. Jeremy S.
Jeremy S
Professional Therapist
I have had the pleasure of working with and coaching Jill for the past year and have been amazed and inspired by her persistent and comprehensive work ethic. Jill has a full circle thought process and was able to improve our hotel in many areas where other sales managers may overlook. This has elevated the finished product we can now offer to guests. Jill is one of the most organized and detailed oriented people I know and best of all she delivers sales results. She is fantastic with clients and has produced significant growth for our hotel for group business and corporate/preferred transient business.
Ian Braziller
Revenue Manager at G6 Hospitality 2012
Both Brave Heart Workshops I attended were great experiences for me, opening a door to some issues from my past I was unaware of before. It was challenging, but one of the most enlightening opportunities of my life! I discovered the root of my trauma and was able to take home what I learned in the workshop and fully heal, conquer my fears, and confront major obstacles in my life. I learned about my strength, my desires, my needs, and my true authentic self. I am now a social worker and therapist practicing from a place of solidarity, clarity, and a grounded foundation. I found my voice and my freedom. I feel so blessed, grateful, inspired, and hopeful that others can do the same through Jill’s workshops. Dorothy Y.
Dorothy Y
Professional Therapist

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