Frequently Asked Questions

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • All registration sales are final, with no refunds or cancellations
  • If the event is outright cancelled. If the event is cancelled altogether, we will contact you to confirm refunds go to the correct method of payment
  • Credit card processing fees: The credit card company we use to process payments through ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. We will not be able to refund those to you if the event canceled as they DON’T REFUND those fees back.
  • All processing fees are included in the price of the event and added in at Checkout
  • If the event is SOLD OUT and we have a WAIT LIST, we will do everything possible to fill your spot and then REFUND YOU your money, minus the service fee, but it is not a guarantee we can fill the space. We do recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy should you become sick and are unable to attend. 
  • We also recommend when traveling out of the country to purchase a medical insurance policy as your USA Insurance isn’t valid in other countries
  • We recommend for international events to check to make sure your passport is valid through the entire time period of the event before you register, as we can’t refund you your money if you tell us you don’t have a valid passport after you’ve registered.

Each conference, retreat, workshop and event is unique to the leaders/co-leaders leading their events.  Most of the Events are based on Hope, Health and Healing and are for people who desire these things in their lives. Do you desire to discover your  true “Authentic” self?  If you hunger for deeper connections with yourself, and with others, these events are truly life changing and connecting with others brings more joy into your lives.

Each event is different. Please go to the event page of the event you are inquiring about to see what is Included and Not Included. None of the Events Include: Air Transportation 
The participant is responsible for all travel arrangements, however Brave Heart Workshops REQUIRES speaking with their Event Manager prior to booking airline flights to go over important travel and workshop requirements.

Events are held both online virtually and in person domestically and internationally. Most are booked at private homes and retreat centers. Some may be at Smaller Villas or hotels.
When they are in a private residence that we contract with, an email with the locations address will be sent to you a few weeks before the event.

Each retreat, workshop and event has their own customized agenda. 

Some events offer optional activities and you can go to what you enjoy. The schedules aren’t mandated. 

The events with definite schedules: 

We do ask that you BE ON TIME at the starting time of each event. The entire event can’t begin until all attendees have arrived, so being late makes everyone have to wait.
(We request you discuss flight schedules with us prior to booking flights)

Check-out time is at the conclusion of each event.
(Please don’t make any travel plans prior to the conclusion of the event as it is very important to be at the retreat, workshop or event for the entire weekend.)
We request not scheduling flights till you speak with us first.

For events in person: Each event is different. The details of what is included will be posted on each event landing page. 
Special dietary needs can be accommodated.

All meals are specially designed with every attendee in mind. We will ask all attendees on the registration page if they have any special dietary requirements, and plan our meals accordingly. We will be sending out meal suggestions a few weeks before each event

Accommodations are similar to a home environment. Some rooms have King, Queen, Double or Twin Beds in them and Sofa Sleepers. The rooms with two beds in them will be shared with other participants. Most of the homes have several bathrooms to share and some rooms might have private bathrooms in their rooms. (Master Bedrooms usually do)

Different Genders will room separately with two exceptions:

*If they are married, or in a significant relationship with that gender

*If they are family members

When we say that we don’t discriminate in the area of gender, we still ask for your gender, for rooming assignments only. Most workshops are in a large home.

For the integrity of the group and to experience more wholeness and connection we ask that you attend the entire event  from start to finish.  Missing a session greatly reduces the value. of the Brave Heart Weekend for you. Also, other participants feel a true camaraderie with all the participants. If one leaves then the unity is broken. If you can’t attend the entire event , we ask that you select a different date/event to attend where you can be present for the entire retreat, workshop, or event. An exception is when we are doing a conference.

Each event is different. Some physical activity like walking and climbing stairs is required. However, all activities can be adapted to most physical restrictions. If you have a specific concern, please contact us for further discussion. 

Absolutely. While we have people from all ages, and backgrounds attend, Brave Heart Workshops’ adult format and content is for adults 18 years of age and older. Before you register, we suggest having discussions with those family members to decide what is best for each family member involved: to come separately or together. It is important that all of the family feels free to be fully open about themselves when you come to a Brave Heart Event. If you or the other person is hesitant, we recommend scheduling separate events. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Each Event is totally Unique and Customized. These events are quite different than most workshops and retreats. The events are wellness based and designed to specifically lead participants into unique, life-changing experiences. Past attendees have rated the Events at a 10 out of 10. They have indicated that Brave Heart Workshops  are a life changing experience.

No, we are not affiliated with any church or denomination. We will be offering some Christian Events though, and we will list those as Christian, but anyone can attend those. Many have found the weekends to be spiritually uplifting and have felt a unique connection with God, self, and others. People of every walk of life, culture, faith are welcome. 

Events are not covered by health insurance carriers. Since this is an event and not therapy it is Not Covered.
Payment is the attendee’s responsibility.  

No Brave Heart Workshops does not provide credits towards your professional certification requirements.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] or call Jill at 847-917-9693.

We have many who attend who are in recovery from substance abuse of drugs, alcohol and eating disorders. We ask at these events if you refrain from drinking, bringing any drugs that are Non-Prescription and Not Discussing Clean Eating and specific diets you are on at the events that might trigger an attendee. We ask that you refrain from Cigarette smoking in the homes of the properties. If you need to smoke we ask that you only do it outdoors. When we go out for meals, if you feel you need to drink an alcoholic beverage, please just be mindful of the other attendees and don’t consume amounts that lead to impairment. We offer bottled wine at some of the events when they are Getaway Experiences…

Hope. Health. Healing.
Connecting in Joy