Healing Through Action: How a Drama Therapy Retreat Can Help You Heal

Healing Through Action: How a Drama Therapy Retreat Can Help You Heal

Do you want to make 2020 the year where you learn how to thrive?

If so, attending drama therapy could be the best way for you to heal and grow. Whether you’re struggling with grief, mental health issues, sobriety, or more, drama therapy can give you the opportunity to channel your negative emotions and express yourself in a safe, welcoming environment.

Are you interested in knowing more about how drama therapy can help you? Keep reading to learn about the therapeutic goals and benefits of participating in drama therapy.


1. What is Drama Therapy?

In drama therapy, you can play the role of any type of character with a diverse background. One of the most interesting parts about a drama therapy workshop is when you switch roles with someone else you’re performing with and you have to adapt to a new persona on the spot.

Drama Therapy is an Experiential Active and Theater Technique  Drama therapy is an embodied approach to psychotherapy. It is an experiential, active, and a theatre technique. Drama therapy advances the participants insight, empathy, stabilization of moods, and anxiety and helps to facilitate healthier, and more connecting relationships. It uses role, story, metaphor, and the body to help people tell their unique narratives, solve problems, and make new choices in life. http://www.nadta.org One person’s work often speaks to multiple people in the room. It is not uncommon for someone to say after a weekend that they feel as though they did twelve pieces of work. The work allows people to go as deeply as they want in their healing process, or as slowly as they need to feel safe-enough to look at challenging areas in their life. The work is compassionate, challenging, moving, eye-opening, healing, and transformative. The weekends bring about more joy, fulfillment, and peace in your life. 

Not only does empathy help us connect with others, but it can also help us understand ourselves better. When you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you’re able to see why someone may treat you the way that they do. Being empathetic is especially helpful for people who wish to heal their relationships with others or come to peace with the way they’ve been treated in the past.

2. Drama Therapy Programs Foster Positive Social Interactions

Some participants say that the best part about drama therapy is having the opportunity to meet so many warm people who are on similar paths in life and hope to grow. Being able to work on improving your health and happiness is great enough, but being able to watch others do it with you is a beautiful, connective experience.

3. Theatre Therapy Can Help with Problem-Solving

Drama therapists encourage participants to do a lot of improv work so they can master the skill of thinking on their feet. These types of activities are great for increasing creativity and problem-solving skills that can have a big impact on their daily life. If you practice adapting to new environments, roles, and situations, you’ll be better equipped to deal with stress, anger, and sadness when unexpected things happen to you.

4. Drama Therapy Is a Chance to Let Go and Have Fun

When you take on a new role, you can step outside of your skin and leave your troubles behind. Even if you don’t feel comfortable facing your issues head-on, drama therapy helps people work through common problems that can still apply to their circumstances without causing too much pain. Ultimately, drama therapy workshops aim to be a positive and nurturing environment.

Are You Ready to Try Drama Therapy?

As you can see, drama therapy is a unique way to deal with any negative experiences that may be happening in your life. With so many benefits to be gained, there’s nothing that should hold you back from trying.

Are you ready to take control of your health and happiness? If so, Brave Heart Workshops would love to help you thrive. Contact us to learn more about our services and upcoming workshops.

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