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Brave Heart Workshops Burden Release Transformational Coaching will help you to be more centered and will assist in promoting peace from within and a return to your well-being by releasing the burdens that weigh you down in life. The purpose of this work is to create Transformation Through Empowerment and Connection and Embrace the Truth that You are loved and You Matter.

  • Techniques to manage your stress and increase your energy levels
    Promote well-being and self-care
  • Develop a strong personal support system using your core values and proven
    Hope. Health. & Healing. principles
  • Recognize the signs of personal busyness, being overwhelmed, isolated, and loneliness
  • Learn key strategies on how to reduce and recover from burdens and trauma in your life
  • These sessions are for everyone that wants more
    Hope in your life, better health and to find more healing in your mind and your soul

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is central to our life. The body and mind work as an intricately connected system that, when honored, becomes our most precious tool kit. When we have experiences of trauma, shame, or pain our body shuts down as a protective function. When we can work through our hurts and fears engaging the body, we are able to invite in more joy, freedom, and play into our lives.

What People AreSaying

Thank you for allowing me to be part of the Hope Health & Healing Community.
It was a fantastic event and I am looking forward to many more events. Thank you Jill for all what you do and the great leadership in putting these events together.
If anyone needs support in the digital space for video production to create your own shows or Virtual Reality Events. I am here to serve.
Robert Carlisle

Chief Technical Officer, DBI

The event, Creating Hope. Health. & Healing in 2021 was outstanding and majestical. The music interludes helped integrated experience. Breakout rooms were flash communities: professional, at the same time personal. I was able to heal a memory that happened when I was 9 years old. Very uplifting to forgive forward, backward, and inside. Really good job, Jill.

Dr. Michaela Turner
Organizational psychologist
Mindfulness whisperer

Jill is an amazing leader and her HOPE. HEALTH. & HEALING virtual event was so inspiring. Her own story is incredible as well as the other speakers that also shared their personal stories.  Everyone that spoke was real, raw and from the heart. It’s so awesome as well as heart warming to be connected to so many faith based thought leaders, to affirm that I am on the right path in sharing my own message. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful group!

Wendy Bjork aka The MS Warrior Queen


I had the privilege to join the Hope, Health & Healing online webinar on Friday, March 12th. Wow! I was so touched by each of the speaker’s stories that they shared in the webinar. Hearing their stories of adversity in their lives and how they overcame these trials was just inspiring for me. I was ready to give in to the struggles that I have been dealing with in my life until I heard the wisdom of these wonderful women who shared how they overcame their obstacles in life. They talked about never giving up on your dreams because someday you will achieve them by pressing forward. Their words have definitely helped me to press on in my own journey.  Thank you, Jill Jacobs Reynolds for putting this wonderful webinar together and also for inviting me to join and listen to stories of hope and faith! I look forward to attending many more future events that you will offer. 

Crissy Butler


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Hope. Health. Healing.
Connecting in Joy