The purpose of The Connection show is to Connect leaders to the world and to one another for the purpose of life-change in the world and in the community with Hope. Health. Healing.

The Connection Show is here to introduce you to amazing leaders from all walks of life. Our podcast show is for the sole purpose of letting leaders share who they are, what they do, and what their dreams are. It is an opportunity for the leaders to have a voice and a platform for the world to know them. As a result of their interviews, we hope you will receive amazing new information and hopefully more growth in your own life.

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Becoming The Best "YOU" You Can Be
Dec 22, 2021

Come join us in Overland Park Kansas February 11th-13th for a three-day conference. Join all these amazing speakers to listen to their experiences and learn how to Become the Best “YOU” you can be and Overcome Challenges; Listen to the challenges that others have overcome and challenge yourself to make the changes necessary to do just that! Invest in yourself because you are your biggest and best asset. Come and change your outlook on life and of what success looks like. If you are happy where you are but want to grow your business, be a better boss, employee, person in life in general, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! Purchase your tickets! Here are the details: WHEN: Friday, February 11 – Sunday, February 13, 2022 WHERE: Overland Park Convention Center Virtual ONLINE EXPERIENCE is only $49.00 Live In-person: $399.00 Register Now!

Vicki O'Brien is Live on The Connection Show
Nov 30, 2021

Vicki is a proud third-generation Texan who grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Although she never had aspirations of being in the movie industry herself, she became familiar with it at an early age due to her mom being a working TV/Film actress. Joining her mom on various sets growing up such as Born on The Fourth of July and the TV series Dallas, she learned to appreciate all the work and effort that is put into bringing a production to life. After college, Vicki joined the ranks of corporate America. It was during this time that she was approached by an acting agent. She prayerfully came to the conclusion that this was the path God had chosen for her, so began her journey in the entertainment industry. Ms. O’Brien has significant experience in front of the camera. Among her numerous credits are Invincible, Murder Made Me Famous: The BTK KIller, Devon’s Ghost: Legend of The Bloody Boy, and more. Her depth of on-camera experience can also be seen in a plethora of commercial spots. Vicki continues to successfully work in film and TV. However, what really gives her an edge in this position is her background in business. Her public speaking prowess and ability to connect with people have given her the opportunity to join the esteemed ranks of public speaking coaches. As CEO and Producer, her considerable experience is used to create the company’s production slate, manage the team, negotiate with distributors, plan future strategies, and oversee the long-term strategy and financial affairs of the company.

Jeff Kinley is Live on The Connection Show
Nov 30, 2021

Jeff Kinley is a best-selling author and former pastor who has written over 35 books. He is a recognized expert and thought leader in the field of Bible Prophecy, having authored 10 books on the subject. Jeff connects with this generation, engaging them with biblical truth in a fresh, practical way. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas (BA) and Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM). Jeff’s weekly Vintage Truth Podcasts are heard in over 90 countries. He also co-hosts the popular Prophecy Pros Podcast, with Todd Hampson. He has been a featured guest on Fox & Friends, The Glenn Beck Show, The Ben Shapiro Show, and hundreds of radio and television programs. His articles and interviews have also been featured in The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and The Jerusalem Post. His latest books are Global Reset (co-authored with Mark Hitchcock, Summer 2022), As It Was in the Days of Noah (Fall 2022), Aftershocks, Interview with the Antichrist (2021), and The Prophecy Pros Illustrated Guide to Tough Questions about the End Times (2021). Jeff and Beverly have been married for 39 years and have three grown sons.

Steve Sapatu is Live on The Connection Show
Nov 17, 2021

Steve Sapato has been a speaker and trainer for over 40 years, as he shared business acumen and real-life motivational stories across America. Presenting over 1,000 times, to audiences as large as 5,000, he trained businesses on how to be more successful with his management, meetings, and time management. His keynote presentation, Great Managers Are Not Born, has changed lives to build stronger and better companies and his talks on change produce lasting habits. Steve loves to have fun on stage and with his audiences and his engaging talks produce lasting impressions. Steve’s audiences are consistently engaged, participate in activities, take notes, and leave with actionable steps to increase their self-worth and business success! Coming from a midwestern background Steve offers down to earth conversations with his audiences that are not boring lectures. He even has an entire course dedicated to Stop Boring Meetings. Whether your audience is 10 or 2,000, in North America or abroad, Steve Sapato will deliver a tailor-made presentation of focus, achievement, laughter, and success.

Stephanie Wall is Live on The Connection Show
Oct 25, 2021

Stephanie Wall is affectionately called, “Tower of Power” and is a survivor of domestic abuse. After surviving the emotional turmoil of getting out of an abusive relationship, she decided to empower other women who have been in similar situations by giving them an outlet for their stories. Stephanie created Speaker Stephanie & founded Her Story Our Story 1 Hour of Power, as a vehicle to promote healing through storytelling to remove shame and guilt from survivors. Stephanie is a best-selling author, an inspirational speaker, and a coach/consultant. She has won awards for her excellence in leadership, community service, and teaching. She holds an MS & BS in Management with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Johns Hopkins University. Stephanie retired after serving as a Commander with a local Police Department, after 20 years, & now serves as the Strategic Outreach Coordinator out of the C-Suite for local government. Stephanie has years of experience working in the field of leadership, and the sciences, as well as teaching courses on topics such as mental illness stigma reduction, trauma recovery, anxiety management.

Brenda Wood is Live on The Connection Show
Oct 23, 2021

Brenda Wood has been an entrepreneur since high school. Brenda has seen some hard times and has survived Cancer and other life struggles. She is a biologist who turned her challenges into a need for change. She is an artist, a speaker, and an author that made the necessary changes to achieve the success that others only dream of. Success isn’t about money. It’s about overcoming challenges and knowing true happiness. Stepping up to be the person you want to be, changing your actions and thoughts, and encouraging others to do it with you.

Derral Reynolds is Live on The Connection Show
Aug 14, 2021

Derral L. Reynolds is a soldier for Christ. His evangelist organization “God’s Disciples” follows the mandates given to us in the bible. We serve others! As an international evangelist and the host of “The Truth Today”; Mr. Derral’s television show streamed weekly into 83 different countries and 236 million homes around the world, and he is not afraid to discuss the tough topics and bring forth the truth. Pretty simply if it’s not in the bible it’s not true. If we cannot be true to God, and stand for the truth, why would we expect Jesus to stand for us on Judgment Day? Preaching at rallies, on the streets, and at universities, Derral does not back down when BLM and Antifa attack – He stands his ground. He does more than talk, he walks the walk. Believing what we are told in the Bible about doing Works. The bible is our instruction for Life. Our roadmap to Eternity. In all the things Derral has a passion for, he promotes Christ and helps the Least of These. Every Christian needs to end being politically correct (PC). We need to be God Correct (GC). Are you with me? If God is for us, who can be against us!

Rosie Robinson is Live on The Connection Show
July 28 , 2021

The Lord gave Stan and Rosie Robinson a vision to open a drug and alcohol center in 2007. While praying and meditating on God’s Word, the name for the center was revealed. The Brook name came from 1 Kings 17:4. Elijah was at the brook and the ravens fed him there. The Brook would be a place where people would find hope and love. Stan and Rosie were to teach those in need, that by the Word of God, their minds would be renewed, and their lives transformed (Romans 12:2). They opened The Brook on June 4, 2018, and now have 2 locations in Branson and Branson West to be able to help even more people in our community. Rosie’s heart is for those who are struggling with a substance use disorder, and trauma whether young or old, to be set free from their bondage and live a healthy life. Stan and Rosie have been married for 20 years and have 5 children. For all they have accomplished so far, they give the Lord the glory because if it wasn’t for Him, they could never have taken that leap of faith. Amen!

Shelby Carney is Live on The Connection Show
July 25 , 2021

Shelby Carney is the owner and designer behind SHE WHO IS. She launched her brand in the Spring of 2019 with the goal to empower women through what they wear. The best outfit you can put on is one that makes you feel fantastic! Shelby fully believes in this and believes that clothing should be an outward expression of your inner self. Ever since Shelby was able to hold a pencil, she has been drawing clothes. It was never a question of what she wanted to do, she wanted to be a designer. When she graduated high school, she enrolled in the fashion design program at Missouri State University and was set on designing Bridal Gowns. Shelby did everything to work towards that goal. She interned for wedding gown designer, Hayley Paige, and did FOUR other internships in addition to that one. Shelby decided that she was going to make it, even after being told that it would never happen. For senior thesis, she was required to design and make five full outfits and have at least three be approved by a jury to go on to show. She created six and showed six approved Bridal Gowns. Shelby was pursuing two degrees, and though she had completed her design degree, she still had a year left for her merchandising degree. So, what pulled Shelby away from what she fully believed she was meant to do? She had a spiritual experience and knew; she was supposed to use her talent for God. And now she has a full clothing brand, SHE WHO IS.…

Anita French-Kidd Stahl is Live on The Connection Show July 21 , 2021

Anita French-Kidd Stahl is an anointed Singer/Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, and Evangelist. Daughter of an ordained father and mother in Ministry, Anita is now following in the steps of her parents, singing, and ministering the Lord’s praises. As a multi-award-winning artist, her most recent accolades were the Silver Heart Award International Full Time Female Vocalist of the year 2016 and Female artist with International Country Gospel Music Association. Anita has just released her 4th CD and recently married William J. Stahl, also a minister of the gospel. Anita sings and ministers in Cowboy Churches, and many other churches, and does Women Ministries, Retreats, Camp meetings, and Cook-outs.

Paul Finck is Live on The Connection Show
July 17 , 2021

Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire ® is one of the foremost authorities in business and personal development today. In his over 3 decades of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience, Paul has moved over $20 million in Real Estate transactions, sold over $30 million in informational products, and ran over 250 live events. He has coached entrepreneurs and small business owners from around the world to build their businesses and create an abundant future for them all. He has created success in a multitude of industries including medical, dental, speaking, coaching, training, publishing, real estate investing, financial world, informational marketing, distribution, and Network Marketing. Paul Finck’s passion for life is also evident in his lifestyle focus centered on his long-standing relationship with his wife and his six children – THREE SETS OF TWINS. When you desire a real difference in your personal or financial world, crave a strategic game plan, looking to build a great team, and maximize your results dramatically over the next 12 months, Paul Finck is the Maverick for you. Paul knows what it takes to build a business with sustainable success. As a husband and a father of three (yes 3) sets of twins, he knows how to keep life in balance and in perspective. Paul’s untraditional methods have brought not only personal success his way, but he has also worked with individuals and companies all over the world, finding them unconventional answers to everyday challenges.

Dr. Marla Woodmansee is Live on The Connection Show July 1 , 2021

Dr. Marla Woodmansee is a Bible communicator, motivational speaker, author, radio talent, and TV host for a national, nondenominational Christian TV program on GEB network, which reaches 38 million households internationally. She teaches at conferences, universities, chapels, churches, and various other meetings. She has been ministering and teaching as an ordained minister for over 20 years. What sets Dr. Marla apart from others in ministry is that she combines experience with expertise! In her words, “I glean from many real-life experiences that seemed impossible to overcome, and yet, God turned them all around. This includes being conceived in an unplanned pregnancy, orphaned at birth, and after being in foster care for the first three months of my life, I was then adopted into a loving family and grew up with siblings from diverse ethnic backgrounds.” In 2005, God led Dr. Marla to help build a church and preach in a revival in Zimbabwe, Africa, where 389 people surrendered their lives to the Lord. She has also experienced God’s healing touch when He supernaturally healed her from a brain tumor. Since God has guided her successfully through each of these situations, and so many more, she often shares that nothing is impossible with Him.

Tencha Rose Wilcox is Live on The Connection Show
June 21 , 2021

Tencha Rose Wilcox has a proven track record as a business consultant and community leader. Rose has worked for research and development companies, including Nielsen TV ratings, and the Census Bureau. Rose has excelled as a recruiting manager for the Census managing up to 51 assistant recruiters throughout 61 counties in Missouri. Rose hosted, produced, filmed, edited, and secured sponsors for a one-hour Bilingual variety Spanish television program – Corazon de Carolina. Viewers and community members were involved in a variety of ways. She negotiated participation from local business sponsors, and international music entertainers to be filmed on her show. Writing songs, choreographing music, and being an amateur photographer are extra activities she enjoys. She has been on two national boards for eight years, and several other local ones. She traveled with a delegation of other Hispanic national leaders to Mexico twice, meeting with elected officials and hosted four Hispanic conventions in Missouri. She has organized and coordinated six conferences for her church. She is highly motivated by promotions, expansions, and new projects. Her motto is “Let’s get it done!” Rose is Hispanic and believes being a good citizen means respecting our country and our history because many have sacrificed through generations to maintain a strong America for all.

Definitely Holly is Live on The Connection Show
June 30 , 2021

Definitely Holly was speaking to “audiences,” captivating the attention of those around her as early as three years old. As a child, Holly earned the nickname “Ms. Bossy Boots,” never afraid to voice her opinion. She is often referred to as a trailblazer, spitfire, and unapologetically outspoken. Originally from Missouri, Holly’s gypsy spirit relocated her to many locations throughout Tennessee for nearly 9 years. She currently resides in Missouri. Holly left the corporate world in early 2019 and using her skill set and background from her bachelor’s and master’s, she forged her own path and became an entrepreneur. She is the owner and founder of Definitely Holly — public speaker, Conservative, Christian warrior, social media and digital marketing expert, shooter, and gun rights advocate. Many recognize Definitely Holly for her humorous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez impersonations, strong convictions, and common sense. Holly has made appearances on NRATV, The Blaze, local news stations, numerous well-known Conservative podcasts and talk radio shows, and has even assisted in producing and acting in Spectrum commercials. Holly holds a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and a master’s degree in Communications and Marketing from Lindenwood University. She has over 9 years of experience, and her specialties include social media, digital marketing, media production, writing/editing, promotions, branding, acting, on-camera and on-air talent.

Imaobong Smart is Live on The Connection Show
June 22 , 2021

Imaobong Smart is a nurse, a transformational speaker, and is mental health certified with North Texas Behavioral Health Authority (NTBHA). She has her degree in theology and is currently working towards her master’s degree She is an author of “STAY your life is precious” a book focused on helping people overcome suicidal thoughts. She is also a movie producer/director and is currently working on the production of her feature film STAY; adapted from the book “STAY; your life is precious”. Ima is the purpose strategist and house speaker at her Nonprofit, Purpose house foundation (TPH). TPH is focused on helping women and youth discover, develop, and deploy their purpose. TPH organizes suicide awareness events, Annual conferences for women and summer youth conferences, skills acquisition for youth, and much more. She is married to Temi Smart and together they pastor kingdom life ministry global in Carrollton TX and they have 2 children together.

Amanda Grace is Live on The Connection Show
June 21 , 2021

Amanda Grace and her husband Chris are the founders of Ark of Grace Ministries. This unique ministry is called to walk out the commission in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”. We minister to all of God’s creation, both people and animals. We prophetically minister and teach and break down the Word of God, which is living and active, by examining the Hebrew and Greek roots of the Bible and the time it was written to understand the true context of the Scriptures and apply them to life. We passionately believe in bringing people into a closer relationship with Almighty God, their Creator, through His son Jesus Christ, the only way to the Father. There truly is freedom in knowing Christ! Another way we minister at Ark of Grace is through our animal Sanctuary where we take in lost, abandoned, disabled animals and show them the love of God. The Lord loves His Creation, and we must show them God’s love as well. Amanda also takes care of her husband Chris who sustained a traumatic brain injury in January 2019 and miraculously survived. They have both experienced and understand the incredible power of Almighty God and how He redeems! Through their testimony, biblical teaching, the prophetic, and life lessons of caring for the residents of their animal sanctuary, they teach others how the Lord can move in every circumstance of life.

Darlene McGregor is Live on The Connection Show June 18 , 2021

Rev. Darlene McGregor is a child of God, wife, mother of two, and grandmother of 8. Darlene is certified in Grief Recovery and has been in ministry for 35 years, she has served the Lord as a pastor, missionary, bible schoolteacher, and chaplain in both prison and hospital settings. Darlene has spent the previous 5 years in Nigeria, bringing a next-generation medical breakthrough technology to Africa, empowering people in both health and in business. She has lectured to crowds of 5,000 people and believes in making a difference in the world around her. Her nickname in Africa is “mama Africa”. She is known as a coach and mentor. Most of all, she loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart, and lives her life with the goal of one day hearing the word’s “Well done my child. You have lived your life well”.…

Rev. Dr. Johannes J. Christian is Live on The Connection Show June 5 , 2021

Dr. Johannes J. Christian was the founding Pastor of The Adoration and Peace Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Christian is now Pastor Emeritus of Adoration and Peace Baptist Church and CEO of the Face of Forgiveness Foundation. The Rev. Dr. Johannes Christian who was severely injured in a rock-throwing incident by a troubled youth has developed a tenacity and passion to nullify bullying behaviors in our communities with the emphasis focused on the youth. Through Dr. Christian’s personal conviction to forgive, the anti-bullying program has gained much momentum and forgiveness is its central focus. On a dark Ohio interstate in the waning hours of July 9, 2001, Rev. Dr. Johannes Christian’s life changed forever. One moment he is checking his watch, counting the minutes until he arrives home. The next moment, the 50-year-old pastor is clinging to life in a Dayton-area hospital after being struck in the face by a 7-pound rock thrown from an overpass by a troubled youth. The accident left him blinded, permanently disfigured, and in constant pain. Dr. Christian believes he has been blessed by being a blessing to others. Surviving the Rock throwing incident in 2001, gave him the desire to give back to others through humanitarian and spiritual initiatives. The mission fields have been a place he loves to share and express his love for God and humanity. Dr. Christian’s book, “The Face of Forgiveness” is a personal, honest, riveting account of one man’s struggle for survival. It is an inspirational story of physical and spiritual healing, and of faith and forgiveness, and of the power of the human spirit to transform tragedy into a mission to serve mankind as a witness of the power, mercy, and love of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough is Live on The Connection Show May 31 , 2021

Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough has traveled over 3 million miles speaking to crowds as large as 17,000 making as much as $47,000 for speaking one hour! He uses his 10th-degree Black belt skills to demonstrate how anyone can break through the barriers that try to hinder their success. He is an Evangelist who has preached in all 50 States and 28 Countries, he also served as a college professor for 5 years at a Bible College. He has a Doctorate in Ministry, a Ph.D. in martial arts has been voted into both the Black belt & Motivational Speakers Hall of fame, and has dedicated his life to educate, empower and elevate people to break through their barriers by breaking to the highest version of themselves. He is a successful Networker who built a Team in just 6 years to over 1.5 million members worldwide! He is the founder of the 21-day Breakthrough Challenge that empowers people to break through any barrier that would try to hinder their success. He is perhaps the most entertaining, enlightening, and electrifying speaker on the circuit today. He believes you may be just one step from a massive Breakthrough!

Harriett Ford is Live on The Connection Show
May 31 , 2021

Harriett L. Ford is a member of Faith Writers, a three-times first-place award-winning author in both regional and national fiction categories. She is a veteran reporter/journalist/humor columnist, a regional Stonecroft Ministries speaker, and a board member of Dr. Marla’s ministry in Branson, Missouri. Her sometimes humorous exploration of faith-based supernatural drama has been compared to best-selling authors, Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, both authors of biblically sound faith-based thrillers. As a journalist, she has interviewed persons whose ideologies are like those of certain fictional characters in the book. If you have family members who are hooked on Harry Potter, her supernatural adventures in the Kaytie Flame series have a message: There is a far Greater Power than Witchcraft. Her meditations on the healing in God’s word are now in book form titled “FAITH SAYS WHAT GOD SAYS”. Each short medication is what the Holy Spirit downloaded to her during her husband’s battle with cancer. She lives in Saddlebrooke with her family and two dogs, both of which are Christians. She knows this because they obey Jesus and eat the crumbs under their master’s table.

Jennifer McGill is Live on The Connection Show
May 28 , 2021

Jennifer McGill began her career as a “Mouseketeer” on The Disney Channel’s New Mickey Mouse Club at age 10. She is a speaker, singer, songwriter, worship leader, writer, vocal/performance coach, video editor and vocal producer with over 30 years of experience in front of audiences around the world, performing and collaborating with talented individuals including Christina Aguilera, Boyz II Men, Carman, Celine Dion, Danny Gokey, Michael W. Smith, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. Jennifer released her full-length Pop Inspirational album Unbreakable in 2017. Day to day, she is the Executive Coach for the premiere artist training and management company, PCG Artist Development, as well as President of PCG Online. Jennifer frequently travels to teach, inspire, and encourage all generations to live with genuine purpose and to train recording artists to be fully authentic and whole from the inside out. Jennifer’s first spiritual growth video series Living Your Unbreakable Life will be available through her website later this year.

Laurie Cline is Live on The Connection Show
May 28 , 2021

Laurie Cline is a wife, mom of 2 grown boys, and a grandmother of one. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Western Kentucky University and has worked as a software developer for over 28 years. Laurie and her family were living the dream when her husband suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury that left him disabled and their young son also had a serious health scare. She had to dig deep into her faith to discover the truths about God’s love for his children, even in the face of devastating circumstances. Writing became an outlet during her difficult season in life and after a prompting from God, decided to write her story and start a blog. Laurie was one of 14 authors in the anthology book, “Fiercely Faithful” and her chapter is called “God is on the Mountain & In the Valley”. It became a #1 International Best-Selling Book, and she just released her first solo book, “Counting It All Joy”. Laurie also writes on her faith-based blog, called “Change with Faith”. Laurie is a devoted follower of Jesus and has a passion for helping others through her writing to discover their joy through difficult seasons of life.

Shirley Luu is Live on The Connection Show
May 27 , 2021

Shirley Luu is an Award-winning financial advisor, hands-on trainer, author, national speaker on financial literacy, and renown wealth guru. Her 25 years of expertise in the financial services field sets her apart as one of the industry’s most notable connoisseurs. An Executive Field Chairman for First Financial Security, Shirley informs, educates, and empowers individuals and small and large business owners on lifetime income and retirement. “Shirley Luu & Associates, LLC.”, and her team of licensed professionals serve her clients’ specific financial security needs. Her personal journey, as a widowed mother of three, has allowed her to recognize the unique challenges that exist for women, front and center. She actively empowers women across the globe to “know their money” through various educational and enrichment programs, including the LiSA Initiative. Shirley appears on various TV programs such as local news networks; Channel 5 Fox WTTG, Channel 9 New WUSA, and Channel 7 WJLA. Shirley is in a TV pilot scheduled for the Summer of 2021 along with her book launch. Amid Shirley’s profusion of recognitions, many of her awards and achievements highlight her support for countless nonprofit and philanthropic causes. Some of Shirley’s Awards and Recognitions • 2021 Published in Marquise Who’s Who in America • 2021 TV Pilot for a show called OVERCOMERS teaching as a Financial Literacy Coach • 2021 FORBES nomination for Women 50 over 50 awards • Businesswomen of the Year, COPA Magazine Cover, December 2020 Order Shirley’s Book now!

Karen Fox is Live on The Connection Show
May 26 , 2021

Karen Fox has been called dynamite in a small package. Since 2009, Karen has been bringing her award-winning expertise in Sales, Marketing, and Leadership to now encompass the role of dynamic Speaker, Coach, and Digital Strategist. She has helped clients increase their income by up to 700%. Besides her years of experience running two companies, some of her certifications include NLP Practitioner, Domination Market Strategist, and John Maxwell’s speaker and trainer. She specializes in helping clients discover the power in developing their business strategies and how to market to the right audience with their unique message through her Extraordinary Success sales and marketing process. She helps her clients increase their influence, impact, and income. Karen Fox is better known as Karen THE Connector.

Paul Meadows is Live on The Connection Show
May 18 , 2021

Paul Meadows- child of God, son, brother, apostolic leader, worship pastor, entrepreneur, and walking testimony of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, surviving a massive stroke in 2019. At five years old, Paul had an encounter with Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit, who became the very rudder of his life. Through Paul’s journey of “YES LORD- WHERE YOU SEND ME, I WILL GO!” … he has served the Body of Christ at large and been a voice of influence who has impacted many. He has had the privilege to serve YWAM, Assemblies of God, Church Growth International Americas and has traveled the nations, leading people into the Presence of God as a Worship Pastor, Alliance Masters Commission director, and church planting. Paul has a hunger for the Presence of God, a heart for revival, genuine love for people, and a mandate to equip the Body of Christ to come into the full knowledge of God and walk in the fullness and power of His Spirit.……

Dr. John Ughulu is Live on The Connection Show
May 16 , 2021

Dr. John Ughulu is a Motivational Speaker, Strategist, and Trainer. He transitioned from a “Shy guy to a Public Speaker.” John is the founder/C.E.O. of Mainseed Consulting Group, LLC., a Leadership Training and Development Consulting company, and the creator of “Speak to Impact”. Speak to impact is a platform that gives Speakers the opportunity to Showcase their Speaking talents. John is also the founder of John Ughulu Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization providing empowerment for children between the ages of 8 to 22, through coaching and mentoring. John is the host of a YouTube channel and a podcast titled: “The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu”. It is a platform for Entrepreneurs, career professionals, leaders, and the public to give back to society through coaching and mentoring. Experience is the best teacher! John’s goal is to help 1 billion or more people understand that they were created on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose.

Dotty Scott is Live on The Connection Show
May 16 , 2021

Dotty Scott, the owner of Premium Websites LLC, is a Web Designer, Social Media Expert, Speaker, and Trainer. She is entering her 16th year of business and has expanded each year – with over 35% growth in 2020. Dotty is an award-winning website designer. Premium Websites, LLC was awarded (2011 – 2020) the “Top 25 Web Hosting & Design Companies” by the Vancouver Business Journal. Dotty believes in treating every customer as an individual, believing that there are no “cookie cutter” answers or “generic” websites created at Premium Websites, LLC. She goes the extra mile to make sure every client is happy. She loves to teach small business owners how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Michael Weitzman is Live on The Connection Show
May 16 , 2021

Michael Weitzman is a professional Mental Health Educational, Motivational, Inspirational, Humorous, and Helpful Speaker, Performer, Keynote, Advocate, and Stand-Up Comedian. He has his own Workshop/Presentation called, “THE 3 AMIGOS OF MENTAL HEALTH”. He shares his own mental health story from discovery to recovery and recovery to discovery everywhere! He is a certified Peer Support Specialist. Michael has taken his 40 Years of suffering in silence with his own mental illness and pursued recovery. With almost 6 years in recovery, he has created Recovery to Discovery and many types of wellness tools, using humor as his most significant tool to help and improve everyone’s quality of life! He makes it very Cool, Fun, Enjoyable, Relatable, and Interactive, to Talk and Work on your Important Mental Health Challenges. Michael has appeared on various media platforms including TV, radio, podcasts, and video shows. He also starred in his own Mental Health Goalcast Video that has received over one million views. He has written several articles in addition to his book The 3 Amigos of Mental Health. Michael maintains his own YouTube channel and has presented his comedy on Stand -Up for Mental Health numerous times.……

Todd Brinkman is Live on The Connection Show
May 5 , 2021

Todd Brinkman grew up in the Twin Cities and eventually ended up in Central Minnesota after finishing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advertising. Todd has spent twenty plus years in developing traditional and digital marketing campaigns. In 2016, he moved to Southern California to start a new career in content management systems (CMS). This new position allowed him to travel the Western United States to learn about many of our modern technological innovations. These trade shows led him to find his calling in virtual reality. After finding his calling, Todd set out a mission to help hospital patients virtually pray from their place of worship before treatment. This passion has led him to explore further how VR can support others in prayer, personal development, and education. Virtual Reality for Main Street is the cumulative effort of four years of work and thousands of conversations with people throughout the country.

Dorris Walker-Taylor is Live on The Connection Show
May 4 , 2021

To work with Dorris Walker is to fall in love with her kind spirit, optimistic outlook, contagious smile, and beautiful voice. Dorris Walker-Taylor, a 2012 graduate of The Thistle Farms Magdalene Residential Program, has overcome 26 years of addiction, trauma, and prostitution. Today, Dorris is a survivor. Dorris was given the chance to heal and has managed to put her life back together again with blessings of the Lord, and the dedicated love of Thistle Farms residential and justice enterprise. Dorris is committed to paving the way forward and speaking out for women around the world who have yet to find their way home. Dorris is an accomplished speaker and advocate, having been interviewed multiple times including with Reverend Becca Stevens for the 2017 CNN Hero Awards. Dorris has been featured on the Today Show, the 700 Club, and the radio show, “Step into the Light,” as well ss Truckers against trafficking. Dorris currently serves as a Senior Ambassador of Community Relations and manages Thistle Farms events and their travel team. She brings a message of #LoveHeals on the road as a profound impact for the women sharing their stories and for both men and women as they witness the power of love.

Donna Blevins is Live on The Connection Show
May 2 , 2021

Dr. Donna Blevins is a MindShift Coach, motivational speaker, and international professional poker player, who used her MindShift Exercises™ to accelerate her miraculous recovery from a life-threatening stroke. Donna brings a down-to-earth humorous approach directly to you, and today she stands out as the Poker Mindset Coach, who helps people activate their superpower—your badass confident self—so you can play life’s game as if you’ve already won. At a time in her life when Donna was questioning her value, she asked for proof that her MindShift Exercises™ work. Moments later, her speech was muted. Donna was silenced by a massive stroke. Donna’s healthcare team told her it would take 8-9 months before she could clearly speak. She thought to herself, “Bullshit! I won’t buy into that… I will NOT play those cards!” The result? She got what she had asked for—the opportunity to prove MindShifting™ works in real time. Recovering her speech in three days was the catalyst for Donna to share these methods with you. If you could have the full power of your mind—your biological supercomputer— what could YOU do in three days? Three months? Three years? When Life Deals Crappy Cards, Do You Feel Like You’re the Loser? As If Life Has the Upper Hand? If you’re looking for a TRANSFORMATIONAL speaker or hoping to ramp up your team’s mindset, Donna raises the bar.

Cat Sharpis Live on The Connection Show
May 1, 2021

Cat Sharp is a Jesus-loving, worship-singing movie geek who has never fully grown up. She loves coffee, all things bright and silly, and wonders why Christmas lights are not socially acceptable year-round. Cat is a Certified Life Coach with a personal weight loss of over 100 pounds. She is passionate about helping women who love Jesus break the diet cycle and find peace and health in their bodies with the Word of God. She believes that the principles of taking care of our physical bodies are beautiful, mini representations of the concepts of discipleship. She loves to zoom out with her clients to see the bigger picture of what glorifying God in our bodies truly means. Cat lives in southeast Missouri with her husband. Between the two, they have 3 adult daughters with their first grandbaby on the way. Cat serves at Memorial Baptist Church as Assistant Music Director, praise team member, and small group teacher.

Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon is Live on The Connection Show Apr 30, 2021

Felicity Joy Solomon, PhD, has been a Dream Strategist since 2012. This career found her after over 20 years as a stage and screen performer and director. As she coaches people, her passion is encouraging them to strengthen their strengths and, as soon as possible, outsource their weaknesses. She holds people accountable to their own values, not hers, which allows them to shine the way they were created to. She recently starred in her first movie, Reflections, a short film about the power of prayer. She has made her own dream of being a talk show host come true and now stars in 3 talk shows: “Simply Felicity”, about transformational Christianity; “The Dag Show”, where she trades wits with her “Odd Couple” style co-host Darren Dag, and the most successful, “Black. Conservative. Female.” If you are looking to sharpen your vision for your life, follow her Facebook page, Virtual Vision U. Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon will be a guest speaker at the Hope. Health. Healing Conference in Branson, MO August 20-22, 2021. Please register now and join her.……

Beth Koritz is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 27, 2021

Beth Koritz is a best-selling author, licensed professional counselor, & Authenticity Coach. Her passion is helping women who feel disconnected from themselves integrate their passions and purpose into an authentic & soul-led life. After a lifetime of entrepreneurship, Beth came to her own realization that the checklist lifestyle she had been living was not a true representation of her authentic self. At the age of 48, she did her own work to identify her purpose & break through the fears and excuses that were getting in her way. That is when Beth went back to school & got her master’s degree in counseling. After years of serving hundreds of clients in her private counseling practice, Beth knew that she had to find a way to help guide more people on a larger scale. That is when the Authenticity Academy was born offering self-paced courses and 1 on 1 coaching. Now Beth combines her expertise as a licensed therapist, certified in body-positive psychology, & thought field therapy with the insights she gained on her own personal journey, to help hundreds of people live a life in alignment with who they were meant to be.

Amber Harmon is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 17, 2021

Do you ever experience JOY in your life? What prevents you from experiencing Joy? Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? The Connection show was honored to host Amber Harmon and learn more about her journey and is excited she has agreed to be a guest speaker at the upcoming Hope. Health. & Healing Live Conference in Branson, MO August 20-22, 2021.We hope you will listen in and join her in Branson too! Amber Harmon is the owner of Tidy Home Cleaning Services. Her goals in life are to cheer on my husband and children as they pursue God with their whole hearts and to help people by sharing what God has done for her. Amber dreams of starting a podcast and writing a book to inspire people. She believes that no matter what you have been through, that there is joy in everything when you have Jesus by your side! Amber loves to find reasons to celebrate every single day and to help people find joy in life! Amber started her own business and has served in full time ministry for 7 years. While in ministry she led teams, discipled, planned events for kids and youth, & more. Amber also helped develop a youth unification ministry called “City Changers” to unite the Big C church of youth groups. They meet twice a year. She enjoys listening to podcasts on growing her leadership, parenting skills, and studying the enneagram. Amber is a 7 on the enneagram, so one of her favorite things in life is to make people laugh and find the silver lining in everything! She also enjoys reading and studying her bible, grabbing coffee with a friend, meeting with her life group, and just doing anything with her family. Amber is a huge fan of her family, a wife to Matt and mom to 4 kindhearted children.

Courtney Beth Murphree is Live on The Connection Show Apr 15, 2021

Do you struggle with being a people pleaser and strive too hard in your life? Does the scale control you with the number it says, or do you have peace around your body size??? The Connection show was honored to host Courtney Beth and learn more about her journey and is excited she has agreed to be a guest speaker at the upcoming Hope. Health. & Healing Live Conference in Branson, MO August 20-22, 2021.We hope you will listen in and join her in Branson too! Courtney Beth Murphree is a recovering people pleaser, prover, and striver that is on a mission to set others free, in Jesus’ name. She is the hospitality lead for a local MOPS group and loves loving Mommas through the good and hard of Motherhood. She is a “Certified Fitness Teacher, Gospel Preacher through Revelation Wellness” and currently teaches classes in Branson, Mo and virtually. Her passion is to help women break free from the chains of anything that is keeping them from believing the truth of who God says they are while helping reshape their relationship with the mirror, their pants, and the scale. Courtney has been married to Seth for 10 years in August and is Momma to Nolan, Eloise, and Penelope.
Instagram: @courtneybethmurphree

Linda Kroll is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 15, 2021

Do you feel like you live your life in “Self”? Do you allow yourself to feel connection, creativity, calmness, and compassion? Linda Kroll is the Author of the award-winning book, Compassionate Mediation®: How to Add Passion to Your Marriage or Compassion to Your Divorce, and Compassionate Divorce™: Changing the Face of Divorce, One Heart at a Time, she helps individuals, and couples learn Compassionate Communication for more peace, love, and joy. As the Founder of Compassionate Communication Academy, Linda provides online courses for individuals and couples to add passion to their marriage or compassion to their divorce. Linda also has a Certification process in Compassionate Mediation® for Therapists, Coaches, Mediators, Attorneys, Counselors and Clergy, offering continuing education credits approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors and International Coach Federation. Linda’s lifelong mission is to reach as many people as possible with the messages of self-love and compassion. Through awareness, higher consciousness, and empathy, she believes we can make the world a safer place from which to heal and transform our most intimate relationships. We can positively influence the lives of our children and create more peace, love, and joy in the world. Her primary philosophy is “Love is the answer, but it starts with loving your SELF.” Linda combines psychology and spirituality, along with financial and legal information, to offer a complete resource for relationship healing and transformation.

Randi Ward is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 14, 2021

HAVE YOU HAD ANY LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENTS OR BEEN ON THE BILLBOARD IN TIMES SQUARE????? We were so honored to host Dr. Randi Ward on The Connection Show. She is an amazing woman. Way to go Randi. Listen in now! Randi D. Ward is a retired American Language Arts teacher, a published author, a professional editor, a certified Harmony Life Coach, Holistic Emotional Intelligence Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Communication Mastery Certified Coach. In 2011–2012, she taught ESOL in Cairo, Egypt. She is the former owner of the language schools Rise Up & 6 October English Nursery in Egypt. She recently started teaching a monthly virtual English class at Zed School in Algeria for young students. As a serious African animal advocate, environmentalist, & educator, she is an honorary president of World Peace Forest (Africa), USA Regional Director for Africa Nomads Conservation, writer/Chief Editor for magazine Morocco Pens & e-magazine ChemoBuddies4Life, & a book consultant coach/editor. Ms. Ward is a world traveler of 60 countries in four continents & has received numerous awards & has been published in many publications. Randi is listed as an outstanding Author in 2018 POWER magazine & has been on the cover of the 2019 magazine “Millennium” as a Lifetime Achievement Member. She received an award as the 2019 Woman of the Year in Writing, & 2020 Woman of the Year in Language Arts. She authored her 2012 memoir, “Because I Believed in Me (My Egyptian Fantasy Came True)” Randi also writes poetry, children & adult stories, & novels, & has created 47 YouTube videos & over 140 blogs. Her life philosophy is: “Believe! Do not dream big; dream bigger! The sky is the limit so reach for the stars!”

Pasha Marlowe is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 9, 2021

Do you ever use HUMOR to deal with the troubles you have in Life? Have you ever had to care for a sick child, and it took up all your energy in life? Pasha Marlowe, MFT, is a therapeutic comedy and pleasure coach who empowers people to speak their radical truths through creativity and on live comedy stages. Through life and laughter, she artfully blends her unique life experiences with her life’s work of healing through psychotherapy, embodied emotions, holistic wellness life coaching, theater, and comedy. Pasha is known for her authenticity, persistence, resiliency, and her ability to connect. Her work is the culmination of 50 years of radical truth telling, heroic self-loving, and pleasure activism. She has a passion for empowering others to be courageous, vulnerable, and fierce in their quest for joy. She finds great value in teaching children and adults to reframe their stories through the lens of humor or even just practice the art of laugher. Pasha studied theatre in college and holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and specializes in treating PTSD/depression/anxiety. She has been a nationally certified health and wellness coach since 1992 and has owned four wellness centers. Pasha currently works as a life and laughter coach and holistic personal trainer. She is the creator of ROAR with Laughter, a groundbreaking program that leads women from rupture to rapture by learning how to see the world through the lens of humor. Pasha is the host of the podcast “Let Pleasure be the Measure” and is the author of the book “My Next Husband Will be a Lesbian”. She lives in Maine with her husband and youngest son.
Instagram: @pashamarlowe

Amy Walker is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 9, 2021

Do any of you have 5 children or more? HOW DO YOU JUGGLE a career and taking care of a terribly busy household? Do you ever Dream about being able to have the time to MANIFEST YOUR OWN DREAMS IN LIFE? Amy Walker is the Author of The “I’m Not A Salesperson” Sales Book, a Client Acquisition Specialist, International Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Podcast Host and a busy wife and mom to 5 boys. Amy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a business model that works, makes money, and doesn’t take over their lives. She believes that business can be a platform for creating positive change in the world and empowers entrepreneurs to go after their dreams. Amy has been featured in Fast Company, American Express, Huffington Post, US News and World Report, and CEO World Magazine. She has spoken for The Geeked Out Marketing Conference, The Georgia State Chamber of Commerce, 72 Hours of Power entrepreneur conference, Playtime is Over women empowerment conference, The Utah State Public Employees Association, Utah State Bar Association, and many more. Amy and her husband Stephen have been married for 20 years. They are residents of Jackson County GA.

Elisha Medlyn is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 9, 2021

Do you long for Wholeness in your life? Are you experiencing the results you want in your personal and professional life? Elisha Medlyn is a Faith-Based mentor, public speaker, and author! Her experiences have made her an Expert in Awakening Wholeness from the inside out! She works with Coaches, Leaders, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs who are looking to Level up, and are finding that despite their business knowledge, skills and training they still are not experiencing the results they desire! She trains them on how to find, see, and bridge all the gaps that are keeping them from experiencing sustainable results and relentless growth within their business and personal life so they can confidently rise-up and become who God intended them to be as Divine Leaders of Rare Faith leading from their heart. Elisha’s company, 5 Elements of Wholeness, specializes in creating road maps for women from all walks of life. Her process guides them through the process of healing their mental, emotional. Spiritual, physical, and energetic systems. Through Christ-Centered modalities and techniques you will be able to experience sustainable results in your personal and professional life.

Christy Crenshaw is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 8, 2021

Have you tried every way possible to lose weight and STILL FEEL STUCK? Are you a Christian and feel discouraged in not feeling like you are honoring your body as the TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit in the way you eat and care for your body? The Connection show was honored to host Christy Crenshaw and learn more about her journey and is excited she has agreed to be a guest speaker at the upcoming Hope. Health. & Healing Live Conference in Branson, MO August 20-22, 2021.We hope you will listen in and join her in Branson too! Christy Crenshaw is a Certified Health Coach, Certified WholyFit Instructor, Certified in Aromatherapy, and an Ordained Minister, specializing in rescuing the Body of Christ from a lifestyle of sickness and disease. Christy is the Founder of Kingdom Health Builder where she coaches fellow Christians to lose weight and restore a healthy body. The ultimate dream for this calling and vision from the Lord is to establish God’s Kingdom here on earth by empowering 10,000 Christians to choose to honor the LORD with their health and weight so they will have a greater ability to focus on building His Kingdom. She is a wife and mother of two teenage boys. The bible tells us that our bodies are the Temple of The Holy Spirit and to take care of them is our reasonable act of service unto The Lord. Christy has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years and has personally seen the devastating consequences that come for people of faith who do not take care of their bodies. She has also studied many aspects of natural health including, nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy, and detoxification techniques along with faith healing. Christy is a product of what she has learned and now she teaches this to others. She has personally lost over 100 pounds and has kept if off for over 4 years while dramatically improving her health and fitness. She also has helped numerous clients to improve their health and lose weight as well.

Randy Peyser is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 8, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own book but don’t know where to begin? Do you wish someone could come alongside of you and help you along in this journey? The Connection Show was honored to host Randy Peyser to learn how to get this done and feel great about yourself…Listen in now! Randy Peyser is a publishing coach who pitches books to agents and publishers after her company edits or ghostwrites them through her company, Author One Stop, Inc. Randy helps people get book deals with literary agents and New York publishers. She works primarily with first-time authors. Her authors’ books have been featured in Oprah Magazine and Time Magazine, and on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List and the USA Today Bestseller List. They have also been on Hallmark TV, in airport bookstores, in big box stores, and more. Randy is the author of: The Write-a-Book Program; Crappy to Happy as featured in the movie, “Eat Pray Love”; and The Power of Miracle Thinking. Randy helps people to understand what publishers look for and what readers buy, so that they can position their book to get a book deal. Literary agents receive 1500+ manuscripts a month. Publishers receive 10,000+ manuscripts a year. If you want to get a publishing deal and more readers, you have got to know what publishers (and readers) buy and how to make your book stand out from the pack. David Tyreman, branding strategist for Ralph Lauren and author of World Famous said this about Randy. “If you look up the word ‘savvy’ in the dictionary, a picture of Randy appears!”

Missy Reed is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 6, 2021

Have you or a loved one ever struggled with addictions to alcohol, drugs, food or other things? Are you a survivor of Trauma? Join us on the Connection Show to hear about Missy Reed’s journey to wellness and healing. Missy Reed is a dually licensed therapist and coach. She is a person in long-term addiction recovery since April 4, 2010. She also is a survivor and a thriver from Anorexia, Affective Disorder, trauma, Postpartum depression, and subsequent psychosis. She currently works as a psychotherapist in private practice in North Carolina. She treats addictions, mood disorders, trauma, and anxiety. Missy is passionate about providing an atmosphere of trust and safety for her clients. Previously, she worked in a specialty Substance Use Disorder hospital. In 2016, she was awarded for Making a Difference in North Carolina for a project to reduce mental health stigma. Most recently, she launched a coaching program to inspire professional, recovering women to overcome shame, imposter syndrome, and fear of failure to take courageous action to fully embrace abundance and wealth into their lives. She is a daughter, wife, and a mother of 3 beautiful girls and one fluffy dog.

Robert Carlisle is Live on The Connection Show
Apr 1, 2021

Have you ever served in the Military, and then owned your own business? The Connection Show was honored to interview Robert Carlisle about his personal journey. Robert is a man of integrity and has so much to offer so many. He is a genius at creating “Worlds” for Virtual Events. Check him out now! Robert Carlisle served in the US Army as an Airborne Ranger Jump Master and toured with 1st Special Forces and 82 Airborne with over 60 parachute jumps. He has over 20 years in food service as an Army dining facility line supervisor. Robert went into sales selling dispensed beverages and then acquired a full-scale Italian restaurant in Hawaii. His passion has always been serving others and making people happy by way of excellent customer service. Robert is an expert in video production, Bluetooth proximity marketing, Virtual Reality World / Avatar design and in building his Digital Marketing Businesses. He is the Owner of Digital Business International. Robert wants to engage more influential decision makers and thought leaders in the network marketing arena and advocate the best Virtual Reality Business solutions. His commitment and drive are to bring more dignity within true to life scenarios and use Virtual Reality with good intentions, he is focused on creating “the gold standard” for VR ready businesses. He has created proprietary tools to help businesses duplicate and scale quickly and have fun at the same time. Robert is also known as “DNA elite” in the Digital World because he believes that unlocking the secrets of your health starts with your DNA. If I wrote a book, it would be called “Failing for Success”.

Kasundra Brown is Live on The Connection Show
March 28, 2021

Have you ever been a preacher, a teacher and an ordained Minister? The Connection Show had the distinct privilege of interviewing the distinguished Kasundra Brown. She is truly a gifted woman, I’m grateful to meet. She will be a guest speaker at the Hope. Health. & Healing Live Conference in Branson, MO August 20-22, 2021. Listen Now! Kasundra “Dr. K” Brown aka, The Tilted Fedora Trainer is a highly sought-after preacher, teacher, and motivational speaker most known for clearly communicating timeless truths with practical applications for today’s world. Kasundra has spoken to thousands of people and helped them apply Biblical examples to their everyday life and has a 25-year track record of experience as an ordained non-denominational minister. Kasundra was dubbed Dr. K by on online prayer and study group with whom she met daily for 15 months. Dr. K is the founder of The Tilted Fedora Trainer, her motivational speaking brand based in Dallas. TX with clients such as the Tobano Consulting Group, Chai Together, The positive Blueprints Podcast and more. She has published a book called, “Moving Beyond Betrayal-Help Getting Past What You May Never Get Over.” She also hosts a weekly online Bible Study called, “Connecting the Dots in Scripture to see the Image of God”. Dr. K believes the Bible is still the best motivational book ever written and is making the pivot to take Biblical truth to non-traditional places.

Hillary Gooden is Live on The Connection Show
March 28, 2021

Have you ever suffered from Cancer or surgeries that left your lymphatic system sluggish or not working properly? The Connection Show was honored to interview Hillary Gooden and learn about her wellness journey. She is a woman of strength and courage. Hillary will also be a guest speaker at the Hope. Health. & Healing Live Conference in Branson, MO August 20-22, 2021. Come join her. Listen in now! Hillary Gooden is an Author, Public Speaker, Empowerment Coach, a Certified Lymphology Expert, and a Pastor. Hillary attended the International Academy of Lymphology. She empowers people, especially busy women leaders with strategies to reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation. She uses tools & techniques to activate and maintain a healthy lymphatic system, and to transform their health and peace the way God intended, which is easy, natural, and drugless. As a result, her clients experience increased energy, clarity of mind, better sleep, better health, a boost in their immunities and vitality. Hillary became an ordained Pastor in 1999, and in 2015 founded Hillary Gooden LLC. Hillary believes “You Got the Power!” to Help Your body Help You Live a more Vibrant Life! Hillary is the Podcast Host of The Vibrant Good Health and Let us Get Acquainted Face Book show. She also Co-Hosts, News You can Use with Lotus Riche’ on another Facebook page. levels.

Lotus Riche' is Live on The Connection Show
March 14, 2021

Lotus Riche is a Certified Life Coach, motivational speaker, author, Transformation coach, Certified Trauma Professional, Certified DISC trainer, Guinness World Record Holder 2020, Red Cross Certified Instructor, Assist Certified Suicide Intervention Trainer, Licensed Ordained Elder, and experienced trainer specializing in creating dynamic change and igniting others to discover their own personal best through her company Lotus Riche’ “Ignites.” She is a New Jersey native who served in the U.S. Navy, graduating at the top of her class as an electrician. After completing her tour of duty, she became the youngest and only woman of color in the southern region to work for Kodak as a clinical engineer back in the 1990s. In addition, she is a prior officer for the Department of Corrections in South Carolina specializing in youth offenders and incarcerated adults, where she was part of the Rapid Response Team and proficient in hand-to-hand combat and firearms, especially the shotgun, her weapon of choice. She worked for the University of Phoenix-Augusta campus as a Student Services Coordinator influencing young students to pursue higher education and working as a counselor conducting individual and family interventions and behavioral interventions for children who had experienced trauma and abuse. Lotus has been a pillar of strength and love feeding and sheltering the homeless for over 10 years. She has helped to rehabilitate homeless individuals and employ them at one of the top hospitals in the nation. As a wounded warrior sustaining a hearing impairment and having to use a walker and cane in the prime of her life, she understands limitations and how to overcome them and has a strong desire to help others overcome them. Lotus Riche will help you connect your head, heart, and spirit in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life as she strives to mentor and add to the quality of human life. She is a beacon of hope that continues to shine in every space of time as she encourages people to “Ignite & Take Flight.”

Camille Robb is Live on The Connection Show
March 14, 2021

Fabulous Camille Robb is the CEO of Just Fabulous Care, JFC Global Concierge Service & JFC Global Academy. Camille is a Public Speaker, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Investor, and has been an Advocate for Children for over 25 years. Camille has over 25 years of progressive experience caring for children and adults of all ages, from a newborn, interacting with a toddler, mentoring a teenager, and making the elderly smile all in one day. Camille is a true leader and a wonderful team player who manages to foster positive discussions and brings the best out of others. She possesses a proven track record of delivering professional care, while engaging children in a broad variety of stimulating activities Camille has been married for 28 years and has two children of her own. She has owned and operated a daycare for over 10 years. Her philosophy is to make a positive impact in each child’s life by providing a broad base of cognitive, intellectual, an emotional support. She has owned and operated a student exchange program that holds students from around the world such as China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia, Japan, and many more countries. Camille is a on the board of Directors with Dr. Phillips Chamber, Member of WOAMTEC African American Group, Project Feeding Kids, Embraced Families, and WWCA Florida Chapter.…

Tandra Price is Live on The Connection Show
March 13, 2021

Tandra Price has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs to master the skills to build meaningful relationships, create new opportunities, and monetize their network. Having worked alongside some of the most influential multi-million-dollar leaders in the network marketing industry, she uses her 20+ years of experience to help business owners and entrepreneurs plug into the power of networking to build residual income. Tandra’s training helps individuals WIN through strategic network development. She helps women go beyond “hello” to ensure conversations don’t end before they even begin, by teaching “ninja” networking methods to develop meaningful relationships that help your business grow. Tandra’s keen sense of knowledge to help women leverage opportunities in everything from starting businesses to becoming successful business owners and increasing revenue. This platform consists of profitable business coaches, consultants, speakers, and world travelers.

Mark Walsh is Live on The Connection Show
March 10, 2021

Mark Walsh Aka “Mr. Embodiment” is the Co-Founder of EFC UK and EFC Russia, the Founder of The Embodiment Conference where he has hosted ½ million attendees on Zoom, and the author of Embodiment-Moving Mindfulness and Working with the Body in Training and Coaching. Mark has his BSC with Honors in Psychology. He has had extensive training and facilitation experience with organizations worldwide. Mark has taught embodied work in 30 + countries and has live in 7 of them. Numerous keynotes speaking engagements have included headlining the UK ICF conference, LINK, at Moscow’s State University and many business events. Mark has 20+ of Aikido training and teaching on five continents, 3 years residential “live-in” training and is a Black Belt, and 25+ years in yoga experiences. He is experienced in numerous systems such as Systema, Krav Maga, Feldenkrais, Tango, Contact Impro, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and 5 Rhythms. Mark has experience in embodied resilience training and peacebuilding in numerous areas of conflict in Afghanistan and the Ukraine. He also did a 10-year apprenticeship with Being-In Movement’s Founder, Paul Linden. He has expertise in other numerous modalities as well as working with 50,00 children in 10 countries. His childlike self enjoys dancing like a drunken pirate, and he can impress your cat with his stroking Skilz.…

Angela Legh is Live on The Connection Show
March 6, 2021

Angela Legh grew up with an abusive, alcoholic dad and an angelic mother. Despite her mother’s efforts, Angela learned not to value herself. She married an older man, who began to control and emotionally abuse her. Having no self-esteem, she allowed this behavior to continue. Angela stayed in the marriage because she put his needs ahead of hers; she feels everyone deserves someone to love them. It took a terrible wildfire in her community, the Tubbs fire in California, and the destruction of her home, to cause her to evaluate her relationship and her life, and ask if this the way she wanted to live the rest of her life? The answer was no. Angela left the marriage, quit her government job, and moved to England, where she began writing fairytales for kids aged 8-11. While writing, she became aware she was building emotional intelligence and conscious awareness into her stories. Her goal is to have children learn to value themselves, so they will not allow abusive relationships in their lives. Angela is gifting 150,000 copies of her first children’s book, Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change, to kids suffering emotional instability due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Angela now lives in Taos, New Mexico. Direct link to downloadable free eBook:
For Angela’s online course (You’re Kidding Me!” For our Brave Heart listeners only, Angela is gifting you with a 20% discount if you sign up before the end of this month. The discount code is EBS2021, it expires on March 31. The sign-up page is Angela Legh 1-click-sales (

Mark Walsh is Live on The Connection Show
March 1, 2021

Misty Knight is a Mindset & Business Coach for momma entrepreneurs. She helps female entrepreneurs break through their limiting beliefs so they can grow and scale their business without becoming more stressed out and overwhelmed. Misty’s goal is to give her clients the tools they need to succeed in their business. She knows moms have struggled with how to make their ideas turn into a business reality. Misty’s aim is to help female entrepreneurs break through the noise and distraction of their belief system. She helps them define what is holding them back from forward momentum. Misty provides an exquisite service to you, helping you focus on your vision, by offering a tailored business strategy throughout every stage of your business with her customized blueprint. Misty is your champion. Even when you feel like given up on yourself, Misty will remind you that a “Tenacious Woman does not easily give up on their dreams but can turn them into realities. She guides you into discovering your true purpose using her Tenacious Woman Blueprint. Misty has a master’s degree in Social Work, is a certified Virtual Life Coach, and is a momma to five amazing kids. She loves helping mommas realize they can be an incredible mom and make a ton of money.

Mistie Layne is Live on The Connection Show
February 27, 2021

Mistie Layne went from being a Texas beauty queen at the bring of becoming a surgeon to facing a forty-year prison sentence behind killing someone. Cocaine and domestic abuse robbed her of ten years of her life and led to a horrific rock bottom she courageously describes in her best-selling book, “What Goes Up.” Mistie teaches her 4 step C.O. P. E. = HOPE method which walks you through steps to release TOXIC shame and guilt, allowing forgiveness and love to emerge as a key to true inner peace and joy. After hiding her dark ugly secrets for years, she now SHOUTS with passion and transparency how she overcame her worst to live her best. She founded the #BEthatONE movement which encourages us to step up and share our raw authentic truth to educate others so we can JUDGE less and MENTOR more. Her talk show, Dare 2 Share with Mistie Layne, provides a platform for TRANSPARENCY to evolve and freedom to emerge. She also hosts Write 2 Ignite Women’s Empowerment Retreats. Mistie practices Nuclear Medicine full time and is the VP on Chemobuddies 4 Life. Mistie is also a contributing journalist for several magazines.

Dr. Richard Kaye is Live on The Connection Show
February 22, 2021

Dr. Richard Kaye received his Bachelor of Science Degree in business, from Long Island University in 1973, & his Doctor of Chiropractic from the Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in New York. After 30-years in private practice in San Diego, CA, he retired to pursue the entrepreneurial life. Prior to entering the field of health care, he was an electronics engineer working in the field of communications. His distinguished career includes being named Outstanding Doctor of the Year in 1981, as well as Doctor of The Year in 1983, by the San Diego County Chiropractic Society. He also served as President of the San Diego County Chiropractic Society. Dr. Kaye is also an internationally acclaimed lecturer, having presented seminars and workshops worldwide. Richard sat on the Advisory Board of Brian Anderson Entertainment. He is a faculty member of CEO Space & serves on the Board of Directors for the Taos Entrepreneurial Network. Richard’s been featured on T.V. discussing two of his specialties: Team Building and Super Networking & an in-depth story about the leading-edge health care he practiced. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book: The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation. Richard resides in Taos, New Mexico.

Charlene Sparks is Live on The Connection Show
February 22, 2021

Charlene Sparks is the Founder for Women with Vision Inc., a non-profit organization, designed to empower women to embrace abundant living, through the impartation of knowledge, the strengthening of faith, and the birthing of vision. As a woman with vision, Charlene understands how important it is to create an atmosphere of adoration while pursuing your passion and keeping spiritual principles in the right perspective. Charlene is also the Co-Founder for Advantage Health Connection (AHC), a preventive health service providing health and wellness resources, health coaching, health education workshops, seminars, and consultations. After thirty-eight years of diversified clinical nursing experience, Charlene was led to become a Diabetes Peer Educator and a Diabetes Lifestyle Coach. Charlene has facilitated and trained over 1,000 participates in caregiver’s self-care education, diabetes education and trainings throughout churches and senior centers throughout NC, GA, and VA. Her latest addition for empowerment education is in business development and self-care for business owners. Remember, every day is an opportunity to “Design Your Day!”

Debi Possidoni and Laurie Caputo is Live on The Connection Show February 22, 2021

Debi Possidoni has over 40 years in the Cosmetology industry along with 35 years in The Health and Wellness industry. Her focus is helping people work on being the best version of themselves. As a health and Wellness coach, Debi strives to focus on helping people healthy eating, self-esteem, exercise, optimizing their Neuro Function & working on their overall wellness. She channels her information with her cohost and best friend Laurie Caputo on a podcast and Facebook group titled “For the Health and Wellness of You”. Laurie Caputo grew up in a Flower Shop & Garden Center where she worked for over 35 years learning at a young age the art of floral design. This is where her she developed exceptional customer service skills learning how to listen, consult and create perfect floral pieces. Laurie has suffered numerous health issues due to a major auto accident by a drunken driver, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Depression, Fibromyalgia, and Degenerated Disc Disease, leaving her disabled & using a walker. Despite her health issues, her mind is strong and motivated, and she loves helping people deal with life’s ups and downs. She has a strong Faith in God that keeps her going. Laurie and her best friend Debi thought starting a podcast show and Facebook page would be a way to reach out to people that were struggling with being home during the pandemic. They love encouraging people to stay positive and post and interview guests on uplifting topics. The show on Wednesday is based on stories that promote health, wellness, and new adventures. On Fridays, their a segment is called “Friends Helping Friends.”

Stacey Hall is Live on The Connection Show
February 14, 2021

Stacey Hall’s passion is to help women entrepreneurs, who feel frustrated they have not been able to make the difference for others they want to make. She is the bestselling author of two global #1 best-selling books — “Attracting Perfect Customers” and “Chi-To-Be!” Stacy is also the producer of “The Power of YES” compilation book series and treasures this acknowledgment she received from a publisher: “You are one of the most dynamic people I have encountered on the internet.” Her ‘Go For YES’ fun 4-step strategy makes it possible for women entrepreneurs to find their voice, be in alignment with their audience, solve the problems of their audience, and leave a legacy that lives on long after they are gone. She shares her home with her husband, Bill, and two pups named Lucy and Frankie who demands lots of cuddle time.

Tania Gibson is Live on The Connection Show
February 4, 2021

Tania Gibson was a former Miss Illinois in 1996 and competed at the Miss America Pageant at 19 years old. She is a singer and stage actress having performed throughout the Chicagoland area. She has performed in Las Vegas as well as throughout Kansas City, Toronto, and Texas. She went to ministry school at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship School of Ministry and has been a worship leader with different ministries throughout the country. Her educational degree is a Bachelor of Business and Finance, which she obtained while raising her 3 children, aged 21, 19, and 15, as a single mother. By day, Tania is a Senior Research and Market Analyst for a fortune 500 company. She loves doing research. Over the past year the Lord has been using this gift to raise a passion within her for government. Tania has a calling to inform, encourage, and build-up those who are part of the remnant of Christ on how to take their rightful place in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. She recently created an online social media group that has quickly grown to 250 people. In 2020 the Lord began to put a fire in her to share her real-life story of how the Lord has brought her “Beauty from Ashes”. Tania has a passion to see others, particularly woman, learn what their identity is in Christ, find freedom from their strongholds, and learn how the Word of God truly builds transformation.

Jenna Larson is Live on The Connection Show
February 4, 2021

Jenna Larson is the founder and coach at Drive Performance Coaching and Co-Creator of GroupTrack CRM (the first and only full CRM that lives on Facebook™). She helps entrepreneurs implement systems, strategies, and repeatable processes in their business so they can focus on scaling their products and services without letting things fall through the cracks. Jenna has years of experience as coaching collegiate athletes, former Olympians, and entrepreneurs to perform at their highest level possible. She offers private and group coaching programs to help them implement and get into action that brings results.

Christa Elisha is Live on The Connection Show
January 27, 2021​​​

Christa Elisha is the founder and pastor of Arise Kingdom Ministries, the Revival Rooms and W.I.L.D. Power Evangelism Equipping (Walk in Love Demonstrated). She is a vibrant apostolic revivalist that burns with passionate devotion to Jesus. She carries a strong anointing to invite others into the ecstatic bliss of knowing Christ for who he truly is: The only one who satisfies every need for every soul. It is out of this intimacy that Christa has been commissioned by God to baptize a generation in Holy Fire so that the bride of Christ arises in purity and power to shake the gates, destroy hell, and radiate the splendor of the risen King bringing glory to the Father. Christa walks in signs and wonders and prays that revival fire is sparked in each person she touches as her heart cries “On earth as it is in heaven!”

David & Stephanie McPhail Charon is Live on The Connection Show January 27, 2021​​​

David and Stephanie McPhail Charon are a husband-and-wife team who help people heal from unhealthy relationships. Stephanie became passionate about helping people heal after she Was able to leave her toxic marriage and transform her life. David and Stephanie are on a mission to help people take their power back and create their best lives. Stephanie is an expert at helping brilliant woman date up and the author of “Being Loved Shouldn’t Hurt”. They both coach people on recognizing and overcoming toxic relationships so you can live your best life now. David is a Reiki Master and a PSYCH-K® Practitioner.

Paulette Harper is Live on The Connection Show
January 20, 2021​​​

Paulette Harper is an eleven-time best-selling, two-time award-winning author, speaker, certified empowerment coach, and expert story coach. She has been featured in CBS, ABC, The Sacramento Observer, CBN, and NBC. Paulette uses her gifts to equip ambitious Christian women speakers & entrepreneurs to write, publish books, and be the catalyst for transformation in their spheres of influence. She is committed to empowering women and equipping them with tools to unapologetically share their voices and stories, as well as helping them push past barriers and discover their purpose, so they may become the best version of themselves. She has a popular coaching program Elevate Your Story Mastery Program where she teaches aspiring authors how to publish books. She is the visionary author of two #1 Bestselling book anthology’s – “Arise from The Ashes & Women Who Soar with 14 co-authors. As a minister of the Gospel, she has devoted her life to sharing the message of hope on as many platforms as possible. Paulette preaches, “Live with purpose. Don’t limit God. Stay focused and allow God to take you places you have only imagined.”

London Wilson is Live on The Connection Show
January 15, 2021

London Wilson is the Mastermind and creator behind Rising Women Entrepreneurs Community and Entrepreneurs Circles-of-Support. London loves networking and providing value to everyone and she is a talented and caring connector. She is also a podcaster, and an international author. London feels fortunate to be surrounded by these two wonderful communities of amazing leaders and mentors. Her goal in 2021 is to help thousands of people to have the time and freedom they desire to thrive. She is passionate about helping people to pursue their dreams and ignite their passion for freedom. London is married with (8) children and (9) grandchildren. She loves spending time with her family, working in church, reading, Wand volunteering

Dorothy Ross is Live on The Connection Show
January 14, 2021​​​

Dorothy Ross is a Healthy Lifestyle Consultant for women around the globe an International public speaker, a bestselling author, a virtual event consultant, a legal service provider and a coach. Dorothy inspires clients to recognize what stops them from being the best version of themselves. Her leadership skills show women how to rediscover their real purpose. Dorothy’s zone of genius illuminates her client’s gifts and abilities so they can live a more meaningful life and rekindle the joy and prosperity they deserve. Dorothy has leveraged her wisdom in overcoming the challenges that come with living life. Dorothy will show you how to take the past pain and use them as fuel that ignites you to begin a new life. Dorothy has worked 33 years in the corporate arena and she pastors and mentors broken lives. Dorothy’s knowledge of wellness has also positioned her as a successful representative with Melaleuca for 15 years in wellness.

Monica McKenna is Live on The Connection Show January 13, 2021​

Monica McKenna. AKA Pineapple Queen is a Podcaster, Speaker, International Author and Coach. She inspires you to live what she calls a Pineapple Life of freedom and joy. Building on a successful career, Pineapple Queen travels the world shinning her light of joy and exploration to live life to the fullest with intention. Pineapple Queen is a Co Producer and Co Host along with Miss Bright Ideas of the talk show Podcast, Thrive and Shine. Monica’s goal is to help you re-imagine your life. With extensive experience in Life Coaching and a vast history of client success, her individualized positivity approach will help you attain your goals. As a professionally trained and experienced life coach, she has the tools and understanding to help you create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. Monica’s commitment is to provide her clients with accountability, understanding and support.

Jill Lublin is Live on The Connection Show
January 8, 2021

Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness and Referrals. She is the author of 4 Best Selling books including Get Noticed…Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic. Her latest book, Profit of Kindness went #1 in four categories. Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace. She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 25 years experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media. Jill teaches a virtual Publicity Crash Course and consults and speaks all over the world. She also helps authors to create book deals with major publishers and agents, as well as obtain foreign rights deals.

Jeremy James is Live on The Connection Show
January 8, 2021

Jeremy James is an accountant and owner of Dash Business and Tax Service in Hollister, Missouri. He is also the Accounting Manager for the Branson Airport for the last 5 years and a new owner of Branson Perfect Tan. Dash Business and Tax focuses on providing small businesses and individuals with Bookkeeping, Payroll, Taxes, and other financial services. Jeremy believes in giving small businesses and individuals the knowledge and service needed for a price that is affordable. As an owner of Branson Perfect Tan in these trying time Jeremy has worked hard to provide Branson with the highest level of professionalism and service possible while maintaining the safe sanitary environment that the salon has always provided. Jeremy has had a passion for the tanning industry for the last 8 years and tries to educate the clients and public on the benefits of Indoor and Airbrush Tanning.

Jeremy James is Live on The Connection Show
January 8, 2021

Jeremy James is an accountant and owner of Dash Business and Tax Service in Hollister, Missouri. He is also the Accounting Manager for the Branson Airport for the last 5 years and a new owner of Branson Perfect Tan. Dash Business and Tax focuses on providing small businesses and individuals with Bookkeeping, Payroll, Taxes, and other financial services. Jeremy believes in giving small businesses and individuals the knowledge and service needed for a price that is affordable. As an owner of Branson Perfect Tan in these trying time Jeremy has worked hard to provide Branson with the highest level of professionalism and service possible while maintaining the safe sanitary environment that the salon has always provided. Jeremy has had a passion for the tanning industry for the last 8 years and tries to educate the clients and public on the benefits of Indoor and Airbrush Tanning.

Michelle Perry is Live on The Connection Show
January 7, 2021

As a bi-racial woman growing up without a father, Michelle Perry struggled with identity and self-worth issues. Poor choices led her down a path leading to academic failure and a lack of purpose. Until January 2, 1992, when one experience changed her life forever, propelling her into purpose and service to others. Michelle established herself as a subject matter expert over the course of her career as a clinical social worker that spanned over 20 years. She then transitioned into the corporate world where her leadership and coaching skills were refined, producing results in all that she works with. As an Empowerment Coach, podcast host, speaker, international best-selling Author, and online course creator, Michelle contributes to the journey of others by supporting them to see results and experience an increase in confidence and momentum in their lives.

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