Ways to Connect with “Self” & Others

Ways to Connect with “Self” & Others

Human beings are the most intelligent species on this planet and for the past century have emerged in this world in advanced Science and Technology. Creating lives which we have never imagined before. Man being flown to the moon and creating animal clones. The sophisticated means of travelling to every part of the world is available, however somewhere along our journey the sense of humanity and connection seem to be less and less present in our daily existence. 

Sadly, humanity has forgotten the most essential part of our being, which is to connect with people soulfully. During bustling economy’s most of us live in a rat race of busyness and do not connect with people. So, what are some proven ways in which society can reconnect?

These are the most effective and caring ways to connect with others

1.Make Eye Contact

These days, we rarely look at each other. We tend to walk by quickly on the sidewalk when going to and from our destinations. Most people stare at their cell phones or tablets and stay disconnected to what is around them. Thus, they miss any chance of having a simple interaction with another soul. Is it fear that keeps you from looking into someone’s eyes, especially those who are mostly ignored by society? Sometimes all we need is to be seen, to reinforce the fact that we exist.

make eye contact

2. Offer a Warm Smile

A smile goes a long way. Do not underestimate the power of a smile. It is the best way to connect with people in less than 90 seconds.  A smile can immediately switch the mood of a person, and in an instant has the power to penetrate their hearts. A genuine caring smile can literally make a person’s day brighter and happier. So, go ahead and share your smile to someone you pass by. You never know what a difference it will make to them and to yourself.


3. Greetings Throughout the Day

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening greetings never go out of style, or just simply saying to someone have a great day. Two short words that we all can say to anyone each day are any of these kind and caring greetings.

4.Make use of Social Media

We live in an era now where communication is conveniently accessible to anybody, so why not make use of it to connect to people. Many introverts have a difficult time connecting to people in person. For those with social anxiety, social media plays a big part in helping them to connect in ease in a more compassionate manner.  While social media is a great platform to stay and be connected, with our families and friends, it is also a good venue to be able to meet new friends.

Make use of social media

5. Join and Connect in Social Media Groups

Since we are already logged into social media, take advantage of the benefits it brings. Some people have limited time to socialize and connect with people in person because of their busy schedules. There are a multitude of groups online with various themes for connecting which include: art, music, poetry, writing, gardening, wellness, and many more you can choose from depending on your interest. It would be nice to connect with people who share the same interests you have, exchanging story, ideas, and pictures in the comfort of your home

6.Volunteer with a Non-Profit Organization

The world can never have enough volunteers and there are always organizations who need our help. Connecting with people is not just for our own needs, but also for the needs of others and to be of service to them. It is one of the best ways to connect to others by offering your services without asking for anything in return. A great example is to offer to take care of abandoned children in nurseries, visit with senior citizens, or assist in a soup kitchen near your area for the day.


7. Coffee Talk/Eating Out

Taking time out for a regular outing with your best friends is so important to stay connected. Life has become more stressful these days and sometimes problems can be overwhelming. Set aside 1-2 days in a month to have a date with your friend. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, we all need each other and sometimes we need someone just to be there while we vent about our trials and tribulations. Having regular connections is crucial to our mental health and well-being. Our friends can provide us moral support at a local coffee shop having our favorite cup of coffee or over lunch/dinner at a nearby restaurant.

8.Join Social Gatherings/Classes

There are a variety of social gatherings where we can participate in, like Zoom Meet-up groups, https://www.braveheartworkshops.com/zoom-connection-gathering-tribe/, retreats, workshops, fitness classes, sports outings, hiking and writer’s clubs to name a few. We can also enroll in art, cooking, yoga, or martial arts classes. By being involved in these activities we are allowing ourselves to grow and develop our abilities while staying connected to people


9. Listen with an Open-Heart

Having friends and being with your family does not necessarily mean you are truly connected with them. Some people can live under one roof, but all of them are disconnected. Most feel more connected with their peers online than with their own family.  Even making small talk at the dinner table can be a difficult undertaking. Inside their home, it would be helpful to learn how to connect with each other and to listen sincerely to one another and show genuine concern. Make it a habit to stay connected with one another by asking questions, like how her/his day has been? Offer a helping hand and an ear in case someone needs a shoulder to cry on.

Emotional Connection should be established and present inside the family, more specifically between parents and children. It is important for parents to have a strong connection with their children for them to grow up with loving hearts and the ability to connect with other people in the world

listen with an open heart
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10. Spiritual Connection

Immaterial of who or what we believe in we should form a connection with God, people, or a power greater than ourselves who can help us grow spiritually. Do we believe in and have faith in God? Faithfulness, empathy, authenticity, and vulnerability are highly encouraged. Do you take time throughout the day to pray and meditate?  

To be spiritually connected with God, ourselves and with other people we must be able to feel the pain and suffering within and in another person. Opening our hearts can feel scary, but in the long run it feels so much more fulfilling to share love with another person. The power of love and the miracles it brings, happens when we look into someone’s eyes give a nod and a smile, and when we genuinely connect with others. This fills our souls with love, joy, and connection.  After all, no man is an island.

Restore. Renew. Reconnect.
Live. Laugh. Love.

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