What is a Retreat?

The Latin Word for Retreat means to go to a place to “Pull Back” from the World

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Retreat from Life's Busyness

What is a Retreat? A retreat is a type of renewal with a group of individuals to take time to “be still”, connect with others and form bonds, and contemplate your life. Many times, you go to “work” on one or more things in your life.

Retreats are usually an overnight, several days, or even a week getaway experience. They can be held at a Retreat Center, Villa, Airbnb, or a Campground. Generally, in locations where they can take time to connect in nature, talk with others, meditate, experience spirituality (not all are spiritual), and have fun. It is important to have unstructured time set aside in your retreat schedules to allow attendees time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

Why are retreats important? The word retreat is derived from the Latin verb, “to pull back.” We live in a fast-paced world with so much activity, noise, and technology, that it is so important to recharge, and pull back from the world.

When we give ourselves permission to “pull back”, many times we become more inspired, find more space in our minds to think, and detox from technology, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and T.V.

Some reasons to retreat:

  1. Pull Back
  • Withdrawing from the busyness of your life, produces more life-giving energy, that is usually spread in many directions at home.
  • Gives you time to focus on things your love, such as the beach, swimming, reading, walking, yoga, meditation, and plain ole rest.
  • An opportunity to gain a new perspective in your lives, regroup and find inspiration.
  • When inspiration is put into action, it brings into fruition the things you love.
  1. Gives you Space
  • When you retreat, you step out of the day-to-day daily structure of home and work and allow yourself the ability to have space and time.
  • When all the demands of your life at home and at work are pulling at you throughout the day and night, there is no time or space for just you. When you retreat, there is no rush, time is fluid.
  • It allows you space for spirituality, being centered, and connected with self and others too.
  1. Attaining Inspiration
  • Inspiration translates to; “to breathe into”. Retreats allow you time to breathe life into your own life.
  • Everyone experiences inspiration differently. For some it comes quickly, and others gradually. It usually occurs when we have a change of scenery and a different outlook.
  • When we allow space in our lives to be creative, the creativity and inspiration comes when we retreat from our busyness and remember to daydream.
  • Playtime can be amazingly inspiring, walking on the beach, jogging, writing, yoga, and hiking.
  1. Be Still and Listen
  • When we give ourselves permission to “Be Still” we hear things so differently
  • When you retreat to a place where there are no cell phones, Wi-Fi, televisions on, or kids chattering, what do you hear?
  • If you slow down and listen you will hear birds singing, the waves crashing into the shoreline, the wind blowing, your own breath, and the quiet inside your own heart.
  1. Power off and Detox
  • When we power off from electronics, we experience the power of healthy sleep hygiene, and we sleep great for the first time in years. Sleep hygiene is the recommended behavioral and environmental practice that is intended to promote better quality sleep. Obtaining healthy sleep is important for both physical and mental health, and can improve your overall quality of life
  • Sleeping with a television in your room, promotes poor sleep hygiene. Looking at computer screens, tablets, cell phones one hour before bed is detrimental to sleep. The light from those screens, tricks your brain into thinking its daytime again. The problem with these devices is the blue light, the strongest wavelength of light that your brain perceives as sunlight. Detoxing from these things while on a retreat, rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul.
  1. Just Be You
  • At home and at work, many times we take on a pretense to get through our days. When we retreat, we can take off our masks, and just be who we are. You can drop all your roles: Boss, mom, dad, husband, wife, and just be you. You will find that everyone that comes on the retreat are all the same/and different. You might meet people in the same position you are in.
  • They are all hear to retreat like you are to do yoga, write, read, rest. We all come from different places. We do not have to justify anything on a retreat. Allow yourself to be different and just be you. It will inspire you to do more of your own thing.


Renew. Restore. Reconnect.
Live. Laugh. Love.