What is a Workshop?

Workshops Invite Participation, Learning & Growth

What is a Workshop?

A workshop is a single educational program to introduce participants to new ideas, practical skills, and techniques they can use in their daily lives, and at work. 

There are multiple types of workshops from wellness, to life coaching, to medical and corporate change. Most workshops have these things in common:

*Smaller workshops range from 10-2 participants and allows time for everyone to share and ask questions.  The schedules should allot time for each participant to be heard.

*Often designed for people in the same field, or with the same common interests. 

  • Usually led by people experienced in the field they are teaching, and who have real life experience in the topics being discussed.
  • Some have Co-Leaders. Each leader might be responsible for parts to the workshop, or work together, depending on the structure of the workshop. 
  • Often participatory and participants are active in the discussion and have a chance to practice the techniques and skills being taught. 
  • They are informal
  • Time limited; one day, one weekend, one week, or one month.
  • Self-contained, meaning they might end with simple hand-outs, notes, or journal entries, but not a lot of reading or homework. 

Why Choose a Workshop as an Event?

Why should I as a teacher, leader, boss, wellness or life coach choose a workshop vs. an educational course, study group, or on-the job training?

There are an number of ways to teach, train, and coach people. Because people learn things in different ways, through books, visual learning, and experiential, these are common reasons to do a workshop:

*They provide a way to create and intensive experience of education in a short time frame. With work, family & social schedules being cramped, a workshop gives you a chance to focus more clearly without interruptions. A workshop can introduce new concepts, that spur the participants to investigate more on their own, and discover practical tools to use.

*A great way to teach hands-on skills, offering participants a chance to try new methods in a safe or more fail safe environment. Failure and making mistakes is a part of life and growth. And feedback from others who have experienced the same things offers great support, healing & growth. 

*It’s a way for participants to pass along new ideas and methods, to colleagues, family members, and friends. 

* A workshop creates a sense of community and connection with a purpose for all participants. 

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